Zavers: Digital Coupon Distribution from Google

zavers digital coupon solution

Google is extending its reach into digital coupon distribution with Zavers. Zavers enables retailers to get the right coupons to the right shoppers, expand rewards programs, and track redemption in real-time. Shoppers find the manufacturer discounts on their favorite retailer websites and add the digital coupons to their online cards. Savings are automatically deducted at checkout when shoppers swipe their rewards card or type in their phone numbers – no scanning or sorting of physical coupons are necessary.

Benefits of Zavers Digital Coupon Distribution

  • Rewards – Zavers by Google allows you to extend existing incentive programs and reward shopping with digital coupons. You can also offer manufacturer discounts to customers without needing to create an incentive program.
  • Increase transaction speed at the register – coupons are applied to purchases seamlessly without the need to show and scan paper or digital coupons. Redemption occurs in real time, reducing friction and checkout time. Customers using Google Wallet can also instantly redeem their coupons by tapping their phone at checkout.
  • Simplify coupon settlement – Zavers by Google makes settlement easier, faster and prevents fraud.
  • Increase basket size – Get access to Google’s extensive network of manufacturer coupons to help you increase basket size and foot traffic to new aisles.
  • Target distribution – consumer segmentation capabilities allow you to deliver the right coupons to the right customers. Extend the reach of targeted coupons across the web with Google’s ad network and the Google Display Network.

Zavers’ pay-per-redemption model ensures there are no fees for distribution, impressions, or saves – only pay when a customer has redeemed a coupon for the promoted product. The Google Display Network is the largest advertising network of its kind, reaching more than nine out of ten people in the U.S.

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