Ziflow: Manage Every Part of Your Content Review and Approval Process

Ziflow Content Approval Workflow

The lack of process within organizations on developing content is actually pretty startling. When I receive an email with an error, see an ad with a typo, or click on a link that lands on a page not found… I’m honestly not that surprised. When my agency was young, we made these mistakes as well, pre-publishing content that didn’t make it through a full review within an organization… from branding, compliance, editorial, design, through to the public. Review and approval processes are a must.

In the majority of companies, content flows are often similar and have repeatable steps – yet those companies still work predominantly out of email to review, transfer, and approve files… causing version conflicts, overlaps, and general confusion before getting the sign off to push the piece live. That’s a ton of time lost and aggravating to everyone involved.

Ziflow’s online proofing software has all the features you need to manage your content review and approval process so that you can deliver your marketing projects faster.

Ziflow is a web-based product to help agencies and marketing teams streamline the production of creative assets. Here’s an overview video of the platform:

Ziflow Features Include:

  • Formats – hundreds of file types are supported, including images, text, and design files
  • Markups and Annotations – provide crystal-clear feedback visually using markup tools and text
  • Comments and Discussions – real-time threaded comments to improve collaboration
  • Version Management – version control to keep track of changes, iterations, and versions side-by-side, including pixel-level auto-compare
  • Attachments on Comments – attach additional files to comments for more effective feedback
  • Review Groups – ensure no team member gets left behind with each new version
  • Guest Reviewers – share proofs with people outside your teams
  • Website Proofing – Share and proof live and staged web pages
  • Feedback Loops – quickly check the status of each proof and each review team member
  • Task and Workflow Automation – use Zibots to automate manual tasks like file conversion and sharing
  • Notifications – Choose how often you and your team get updates and how
  • Search Filters – Working on lots of projects? Find them easily with filters
  • User Management – Easily create review groups and invite guests
  • Proof Permissions – Manage access to proofs and source docs with ease
  • Integrations – easily integrate with your existing marketing technology suite
  • Cloud-Based – no software to install, no IT required, just log in and you’re ready to go
  • Enterprise Security – proofs are secure and encrypted

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