zkipster: Guest List Solutions for Events and Conferences

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The other evening I checked into the event. It was the typical arrangement… the few administrative folks scrambling to check off my name from the multi-page printed attendee list. Taking a few minutes to page through it, they eventually find my name and check it off – then telling one another so all of them could check it off. At larger events I go to, the check-ins are alphabetized… and the K’s always seem to be the longest lines! The folks at the end of the alphabet cruise right in.

I love that there are folks in the world that believe that these are the problems that can be easily handled by technology. The folks at zkipster did just that, building a cloud app for tablets and smartphones that allows event staff to easily find and check off the attendees. Everyone checking in folks is automatically updated since they’re all working from the same app.


Additionally, they have an add-on feature that helps to prevent impostors from sneaking into your events. Photos are attached to your attendee list so you can verify them as they check into the event. You can even have the system send alerts when VIP attendees arrive. Great idea!


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