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Quite a bit of your B2B data is out of date. Zoominfo reports that 70% of all B2B data will have one or more changes within the year. Employee turnover, promotions, acquisitions, business closings… all of it can drive the quality of your prospecting data down. These data issues can cause problems in both sales and marketing. In sales, if your outbound team is dialing or emailing people that no longer are there, it’s time wasted. In marketing, having data issues can cause your email deliverability to plummet, making it much more difficult for your emails to make it in the inbox instead of caught up in spam filters.

How much of your prospect data is outdated or incomplete? Let Zoominfo analyze your database, uncover your best prospects, update everything and turn your demand gen into a revenue-driving machine.

Zoominfo’s Data Services Offer

  • Data Intelligence – a deep analysis of your marketing automation or CRM database so that you get the insights needed to grow your business. Zoominfo provides your organization actionable recommendations to improve the success of your campaigns.
  • Data Management – CRM data continually evolves. Zoominfo can remove outdated information, analyze email addresses for deliverability, find new prospects, update and complete records, add decision makers, create targeted segmentation and provide continual updates.

ZoomInfo Connect

For professionals and small businesses, Zoominfo offers Zoominfo Connect. Join ZoomInfo Connect to get access to an up-to-date and rapidly growing B2B database, with detailed information of more than 65 million business people and 6 million businesses.

Zoominfo Pro

Zoominfo also offers Zoominfo Pro which includes constantly verified profiles – spanning 65 million professionals and 6 million businesses. Zoominfo Pro allows you to target with amazing precision and reach the most likely to buy prospects.

Zoominfo Community Edition

For small businesses without a budget, Zoominfo also has a Community Edition where you can join more than 100,000 ZoomInfo users who automatically share their business contacts in exchange for free access to ZoomInfo.

Zoominfo also offers an API!

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