Zymplify: Marketing as a Service for Small Business

Zymplify Marketing as a Service

Rapid development, frameworks, and integrations continue to put platforms on the market that provide a plethora of features at substantially lower costs each year. Zymplify is one of those platforms – a cloud marketing platform that provides all the features necessary for a small business to attract, acquire, and report on leads online. However, it does it for less than most of the other marketing automation platforms on the market.

From the site: Zymplify is Marketing as a Service. We transform the way marketing and sales work and integrate them seamlessly with your business. Our team of ZympliGurus are on hand, on-demand, to provide expert advice and a full range of digital marketing services. And with our all-in-one solution, we give your business the ability to create, publish, track and analyze all your marketing campaigns and activities from one integrated platform.

Perhaps the best thing about the platform is the cost. Zymplify has one plan with no annual contract and no annual upfront fee. There are no charges for additional contacts or limits on contacts. Also, there are no additional set-up, onboarding or kickstarter fees. It even includes a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Your monthly fee also includes credits to get support from the ZympliGuru marketing team each month.

Zymplify Marketing as a Service Includes

  • Landing Pages – Create, launch & track landing page campaigns across channels
  • Forms & Pop Ups – Engage with integrated website forms and pop ups
  • Website Visitor Tracking -See who is visiting your website and what they are doing
  • Email Marketing – Create engaging email campaigns quickly and easily
  • Mobile Marketing – Engage directly with customers via inbound and outbound SMS
  • Social PPC Marketing – Engage with customers across social media platforms
  • Channel Scorecards – Track, refine and measure the impact of marketing efforts
  • Sales Pipeline – Convert engagements to sales via integrated CRM
  • Single Customer View – Integrated view of all customer engagements by channel in a CRM
  • Marketing Calendar – Track all your channels via an integrated marketing calendar
  • Campaign ROI – Measure integrated ROI by campaign and channels
  • Lead Scoring – Apply scores to rank leads to determine their sales readiness
  • Social Lookups – Find publicly-available social profiles, profile photos and social influence
  • Template Builder – Easy to build customizable, mobile optimized landing page and email templates
  • Segmentation – Send right message to right person, every time

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Zymplify also offers consulting and agency partnerships.

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