ATT is the acronym for App Tracking Transparency.

What is App Tracking Transparency?

A privacy feature introduced by Apple for its iOS operating system starting from iOS 14.5. It gives users more control over how third-party apps use their data for tracking and targeted advertising.

With App Tracking Transparency, whenever an app wants to track a user’s activity across other apps and websites, it must explicitly request the user’s permission. This permission prompt appears as a pop-up message that asks users if they allow the app to track their data. Users can choose to either allow or deny tracking for that specific app.

By implementing App Tracking Transparency, Apple aims to enhance user privacy and give users more transparency and control over their personal data. It allows users to understand and manage how their data is used for personalized advertising and helps prevent apps from accessing and sharing user data without explicit consent.

This feature has had significant implications for the advertising industry and has been a topic of discussion and adaptation among developers and advertisers since its introduction. It has led to changes in how apps track and target users, and it has sparked debates around privacy, data collection, and the balance between personalized advertising and user consent.

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