How To Write Your Company’s Story: Five Essential Elements

I love design, but I’m a terrible designer. I love development, but I’m quite the hack. And I write daily on Martech Zone and I’ve authored Corporate Blogging For Dummies, but I don’t classify myself as a writer. I recognize a great design, I am blown away by great development, and I love great writing. We just launched a new corporate site for Highbridge, so this advice from Thinkshift was perfect timing on how we

High Churn Rates Hamper Game Apps’ Growth — Here Is How to Beat the Odds

A tale as old as time: mobile games invest a lot in acquiring new users while their retention sees a drawdown. The latest game apps data study by Pushwoosh has shown an unfortunate trend for game apps, especially those on Android: their churn rates soar to 75.4% by Day 30. At that, more than half of the costly-acquired audience stops being active on the very same day of the game app install. In this seemingly

Push Monkey: Automate Push Browser Notifications For Your Web Or Ecommerce Site

Each month, we get a few thousand returning visitors through browser push notifications that we integrated with our site. If you’re a first-time visitor to our site, you’ll notice the request that’s made at the top of the page when you visit the site. If you enable these notifications, each time that we post an article or want to send a special offer, you receive the notification. Over the years, Martech Zone has acquired over

How to Check, Remove, and Prevent Malware from Your WordPress Site

This week was pretty busy. One of the non-profits that I know found themselves in quite a predicament – their WordPress site was infected with malware. The site was hacked and scripts were executed on visitors that did two different things: Tried to infect Microsoft Windows with malware. Redirected all users to a site that utilized JavaScript to harness the visitor’s PC to mine cryptocurrency. I discovered the site was hacked when I visited it