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Jamboard: A Collaborative 4K Display Integrated with Google Apps

It’s not too often that I write about hardware, but the last year cohosting the Dell Luminaries podcast has really opened my eyes to the impact that hardware that has on productivity, efficiency, and innovation. While we’re often logging in and out of software every day –  the hardware in the cloud and on our desk is transforming our organizations as well. With the growth of remote workforces, remote collaboration is becoming a necessity – and G Suite is answering with Jamboard. Jamboard is a 4k display that enables teams to sketch their ideas, drop images, add notes, and pull


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Why Your Company Should Be Implementing Live Chat

We discussed the many benefits of integrating live chat on your website in one of our marketing podcasts. Be sure to tune in! Live chat is intriguing in that the statistics provide evidence that it can not only help close more business, it can also improve customer satisfaction in the process. Customers want help but, in my opinion, they don’t want to really speak to people. Calling, navigating phone trees, waiting on hold, and then explaining an issue over the phone can be quite frustrating. By the time the customer representative answers, the customer is already irritated. Live chat provides faster


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6 Best Practices You Should Follow When Building an Unsubscribe Page

We shared some statistics on reasons why people unsubscribe from your marketing emails or newsletters. Some of it may not even be your fault, as subscribers are inundated with so many emails that they just need some relief. When a subscriber finds and clicks on that unsubscribe link in your email, what are you doing to try to save them? I recently did just that with Sweetwater, an audio equipment site that’s been fantastic to work with. I almost felt bad clicking the unsubscribe link, but I just don’t buy frequently enough with email deals arriving every few days. When


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Create Your Ebook Directly from a Google Doc

If you’ve gone down the road of writing and publishing an ebook, you know messing with ePub file types, conversions, design and distribution is not for the faint of heart. There’s quite a number of ebook solutions out there that will help you through the process and get your ebook onto Google Play Books, the Kindle and other devices. Ebooks are a fantastic way for companies to position their authority in their space and a great way to capture prospect information via landing pages. Ebooks provide more in-depth information than a simple whitepaper or the the overview of an infographic.


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Sigstr: Create, Deploy, and Measure Your Email Signature Campaigns

Every email that’s being sent out of your inbox is a marketing opportunity. While we send our newsletter out to a ton of subscribers, we also send another 20,000 emails in daily communication back and forth between staff, clients, prospects, and public relations professionals. Asking everyone to add a banner to promote a white paper or upcoming webinar typically goes over with little success. Most people just ignore the request, others mess up the link, and the people that might actually click the call-to-action don’t ever get it. Email Signatures If you don’t believe email signatures are important, check out