LinkedIn Spark: Sales Community Kick-Start | February 11, 2021 | Free Online

Reading Time: < 1 minute LinkedIn Spark is a new virtual event open to all professionals within the sales community on LinkedIn globally. Like so many of you, LinkedIn has embraced the acceleration to virtual selling by learning and iterating our practices along the way. And they’ve been listening to the millions of people in their sales community who are also adapting to a virtual-first sales process.  While the rapid shifts our industry faces can often feel insurmountable, our conversations

3 Strategies for Email Marketing Sequences That Increase Conversion Rates

Reading Time: 3 minutes If your inbound marketing were described as a funnel, I’d describe your email marketing as a container to capture the leads that fall through. Many people will visit your site and even engage with you, but perhaps it’s not time to actually convert. It’s only anecdotal, but I’ll describe my own patterns when researching a platform or shopping online: Pre-purchase – I’ll review websites and social media to find as much information I can about

Digital Marketer Training

Reading Time: 4 minutes The writing was on the wall in the digital marketing industry as the pandemic spread, lockdowns struck, and the economy took a turn. I wrote on LinkedIn in those early days that marketers needed to turn off Netflix and prepare themselves for the coming challenges. Some people did… but, unfortunately most didn’t. The layoffs are continuing to rip through marketing departments across the country. Digital marketing is a fascinating career where you can find two

How to Block Search Engines from Indexing WordPress

Reading Time: 2 minutes It seems every second client we have has a WordPress site or blog. We do a ton of custom development and design on WordPress – everything from building plugins for companies to developing a video workflow application using Amazon cloud services. WordPress isn’t always the right solution, but it’s quite flexible and we’re pretty good at it. Many times, we stage sites so that our customers can preview and critique the work before we put

Animaker: Do-It-Yourself Animation Studio, Marketing Video Editor, and Video Ad Builder

Reading Time: 3 minutes Animated and live video are a must for every organization. Videos are highly engaging, have the ability to explain difficult concepts concisely and provide an experience that’s both visual and audible. While video is an incredible medium, it’s often insurmountable for small businesses or marketers because of the resources required: Professional video and audio equipment for recording. Professional voice overs for your scripts. Professional graphics and animations to incorporate. And, perhaps, the most expensive and