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Index Quick Chip: A Faster, Better EMV Experience

This afternoon, I visited my daughter at her office (how cool a Dad am I?). I stopped at the store across the street, The Fresh Market and picked up a nice flower arrangement for her desk and some treats for the staff there. When I checked out, I was blown away… I inserted my EMV credit card and it worked almost instantaneously. It was the fastest I’ve ever seen a checkout work with a chip-enabled card. Not only that, as I completed my payment, it asked me if I wanted a printed receipt or to


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Best Practices for Proper Scheduling of Social Media Posts

Scheduling your social media posts should be an important part of your social media marketing strategy, and needless to say, it has many benefits. Apart from not having to think about posting on several social media platforms numerous times a day, you’ll also maintain a consistent schedule, plan time-sensitive content, and have a healthy sharing-ratio since you can plan beforehand. Instead of being on social media platforms all the time on a daily basis, scheduling saves you valuable time that you can use for growing your business. If you don’t know where to start, we’ll


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Happy Mother’s Day!

with over $22.3 billion spent in just the United States. 35.5 % of Americans buy jewelry for Mother’s Day, a 6.8% annual increase year over year. In fact, overall Mother’s Day gift spending is expected to increase 10.5% year over year. Ever wonder why Mother’s Day is more prominent than Father’s Day? Did you know that Mother’s Day has been a national holiday more than half a century longer? Would you believe it if we told you that there always have been more mothers than fathers? Well, the evidence is literally written into our DNA.


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Human Progress and Dell Technology World

If you only paid attention to technology through mainstream media sources, you might think autonomous cars are killing people, robots are taking our jobs, and technology is leading us to doom. As marketers, I think it’s critical that we don’t just pay attention to the next killer app out there, we need to be observing how technology is impacting lives and the behavior of consumers and businesses. The facts about digital transformation are quite the opposite. Let’s start with autonomous vehicles. Humans continue to have fatal car crashes, killing an average of 3,287 Americans every


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How Web Security Affects SEO

Did you know that around 93% of users begin their web surfing experience by typing their query into the search engine? This whopping figure should not surprise you. As internet users, we have become accustomed to the convenience of finding exactly what we need within seconds via Google. Whether we’re looking for an open pizza shop that’s nearby, a tutorial on how to knit, or the best place to buy domain names, we expect instant gratification and quality answers that satisfy our search intent. The value of organic traffic has put search engine optimization in