Crunchbase Enterprise for Salesforce: Identify, Import, and Synchronize B2B Prospect Data

Companies all over the globe leverage Crunchbase data to enrich their business prospect database, ensure good data hygiene, and provide their sales teams access to the company information they need to spot opportunities.

Crunchbase has launched a new Salesforce integration for all Crunchbase users that will enable individuals and small sales teams to quickly discover and activate on high-quality prospects.

This update comes at an especially critical time for salespeople – with 80% of companies actively exploring ways to shift their go-to-market strategies toward digital ones, and with 32% of decision makers saying it’s very likely that pandemic-related changes in sales approaches are here to stay. 

With this integration, Crunchbase users will no longer have to spend valuable time manually exporting prospects from Crunchbase into their CRM. The Salesforce integration for Crunchbase Enterprise allows you to enrich all new and existing Salesforce account records with Crunchbase’s firmographic & comprehensive financial data (that’s 40+ data fields).

Crunchbase to Salesforce Features

Salespeople are struggling to find prospective customers who still have buying power during this economic downturn. They’re spending precious time searching for and qualifying new leads, long before they even send an initial outreach email. Our new Salesforce integration speeds up that prospecting process by uniting Crunchbase’s prospecting tools and company database with sales teams’ existing workflows. Now, salespeople can quickly sync new accounts they’ve discovered in Crunchbase directly to their CRM. And, easily see which Crunchbase accounts are missing from their Salesforce instance, so they can discover accounts that no one on their team has yet to claim.

Arman Javaharian, Crunchbase’s Head of Product

Crunchbase also recently launched a complete redesign to company profiles with tab overviews surfacing key data points that help salespeople quickly: 

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Disclaimer: Douglas is a co-founder of DK New Media, a Salesforce Partner

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