Socializing Your Email Signature With WiseStamp

We all know that it’s imperative for businesses to be engrossed in social media, whether that be with advertising campaigns, event marketing, or blogging about the benefits of their products or services. What’s even more important is for the individuals of those companies, who have their own opinions and thoughts (more importantly, those who can express them), to be involved with and to instigate the conversation. After all, people do  business with people, not with businesses. In all honesty, it is difficult for companies to successfully convert potential customers to clients online, even when they have a strong to call-to-action with their marketing campaign. So what’s the easiest and most effective way to start this conversation?

A common way to guide visitors to social networks is to place the appropriate social media icons on your website and link them to your personal or professional profiles. The visitor may or may not click on your social media links, and therefore, it is a slight chance that they will respond/like/follow to the latest tweet or post. Or more and more companies are including social media links in their TV advertising, but many people completely forget about the commercial when their TV show is back on air. In other words, most individuals or businesses do not drive enough traffic to their website and networks that will cause a significant increase in their social media following or interaction. But what is something that everyone checks daily that could encourage people to find you and engage you on these social networks? Email — and that’s where the beauty of WiseStamp comes into play.

I found out about WiseStamp about a month ago when I received an email from a friend that had social media icons at the bottom of their signature. Looking even further, I noticed that it displayed the latest tweet, which I could easily reply to, retweet, or follow the user from the email itself! I thought this was a fantastic way to start a conversation; even better, it was easy and took one click for me to engage. WiseStamp can be installed for free as a Chrome add-on, and you can include your profiles for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, along with many other social sites. However, one of the best aspects of this is that it’s personal — if I’m communicating with a client via email and they see an interesting tweet that I posted, they’re more than likely going to respond or follow the thread because it’s easily accesible. It’s adding value to my relationship with my client because they get to learn more about me and they have a complete list of contact information outside of email. Furthermore, it’s adding value to my company because I’m posting/tweeting/promoting about what we’re doing.

Grab attention for yourself and your company – create an email signature that “socializes” the communication further.


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