Clearbit’s Weekly Visitor Report: Know Who’s Visiting Your Website, Convert The Ones That Matter

Having a detailed, qualitative understanding of your website traffic is essential to building effective, data-driven B2B marketing campaigns. Knowing who your visitors are, where they are on the campaign journey, and how likely they are to buy makes it possible to provide more personalized experiences — and ultimately increase conversions. 

Potential customers won’t always raise their hands when they visit your site, however. In fact, most won’t.

Fewer than half of visitors (and sometimes as few as 1%) fill out a form.

Zuko, Form Benchmarking Data

An overwhelming majority of visitors (75%) leave after viewing just one page.

Contentsquare, Digital Analytics Benchmarks

For business-to-business (B2B) companies that depend on their website for lead gen, those are some daunting stats. Fortunately, there’s a proven way to help visitors help themselves and boost your conversion rate in the process: with a website visitor tracking tool. 

Clearbit Weekly Visitor Report

Clearbit’s Weekly Visitor Report (powered by Clearbit Reveal) is one such tool. It de-anonymizes website traffic and allows you to see who’s visiting your site even if they haven’t filled out a form or otherwise identified themselves. 

It goes well beyond traditional reverse IP lookup tools, using machine learning to analyze millions of data points (like geolocation and traffic patterns) as well proprietary IP address mapping to provide accurate information about visitors – even those working from home or elsewhere (and not associated with corporate IP addresses). The Weekly Visitor Report delivers additional firmographic and technolographic data such as the number of company employees and industry, allowing you to better optimize your campaign spending and efforts to ensure you’re generating the right kind of traffic. 

In particular, it allows your marketing, growth, and demand generation teams to: 

Not bad for a tool that’s free (and easy to install). 

Clearbit’s Weekly Visitor Report helps me identify high-priority companies for my Sales team to follow up with, for free..

Henry Brown, Digital Marketing Manager, Rewind
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But the newest iteration of the Weekly Visitor Report does even more. Now, with version 2.0, you can not only see who’s visiting your website but get a sharper picture of their intent. That can help you better prioritize and personalize your outreach to target accounts. 

Our original goal was to eliminate that feeling of knowing that every day, companies that are interested in your solutions and are good fits for your business, are visiting your site, but will never fill out a form or identify themselves. We call that pipeline FOMO. But after talking to many of our users, we realized something. It’s not enough to simply identify companies visiting your site. Getting rid of pipeline FOMO also requires knowing which of those companies are ready to buy now! So we’ve added intent data to the Weekly Visitor Report.

For instance, now you can:

And it’s still free. 

All of these capabilities are incredibly useful for marketers who want to reach companies that fit their ideal customer profile (ICP). And that should be a top priority for all data-driven marketers. Why? Because not all customer prospects are created equal. Some closed-won opportunities – with companies that aren’t a good fit – can ultimately lead to more churn, higher support costs and reduced customer satisfaction. Dialing in your sales and marketing efforts to better attract customers that fit your ICP can lead to better overall results. 

This (weekly visitor) report finally shows who’s on my site, broken down by account and the demographics that I care about. Things like employee range and industry. I even get to see what specific pages those accounts have viewed.

Dylan Yip-Chuck, Sr. Demand Generation Specialist, Influitive

The days of growth at all costs are over. Marketers and sales teams need to activate data across the entire customer journey to find their best customers, turn leads into pipeline, and build revenue for the long term. Clearbit’s Weekly Visitor Report is designed to help them do just that.

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