QR Code Builder: How To Design and Manage Beautiful QR Codes For Digital or Print

One of our clients has a list of over 100,000 customers that they’ve delivered to but don’t have an email address to communicate them with. We were able to to do an email append that successfully matched (by name and mailing address) and we started a welcome journey that has been quite successful. The other 60,000 customers we are sending a postcard to with their new product launch information.

To drive campaign performance, we’re including a QR code that has UTM tracking on it so that we can monitor the number of visitors, registrations, and conversions from the direct mail campaign. At first, I thought this would be a simple process, but adding a vector-based QR code was more problematic that I’d thought. As with every other challenge, there’s a solution out there… QR Code Generator.

There are several uses for QR codes aside from the direct mail that we’re doing, you can incorporate QR codes to:

Best of all, you can track the usage of your QR codes and append analytics campaign tracking to the URLs as well. I wasn’t always sold on QR codes because they required that you download an app for quite a long time, but now QR code readers are automated in both iPhones and Androids when you use the camera. That makes them fantastic to incorporate anywhere your users have a mobile device and you want to interact with them digitally.

QR Code Generator Features

QR Code Generator is a product of Bit.ly, one of the most popular URL Shortening platforms. QR Code Generator is one-stop solution for marketers, the Pro version includes:

QR Code Generator Results

Here’s a QR code that I built in a few minutes just for this article. Of course, you might be reading this on a mobile device so the actual URL is below on a button. But if you’re looking at this on a desktop, just point your phone at the QR code with any device and you’ll see that you can immediately open up the destination URL.

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Disclosure: I’m using my affiliate link for QR Code Generator in both the QR code and the article.

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