Penguin 2.0 How to Stay on Google’s Good Side

It’s been less than a month since Google’s latest search update launched, and although the new spam-fighting Penguin 2.0 technology hasn’t been fully implemented yet, it’s already causing an bit of anxiety.

Content marketers need not despair as long as they plan to stay on Google’s safe side. According to data compiled in Marketo’s most recent infographic, Google Bought a Zoo, that means steering clear of underhanded SEO techniques such as link spamming, sneaky redirects or cloaking, and sticking only to high-value, white hat tactics.

Specifically, websites that focus on producing relevant and unique content, while ensuring proper website optimization, credible backlinks and strong social signals are less likely to feel the heat of Penguin 2.0. Consistently updated content, quick webpage load time and credible links from reputable websites are also ways to ensure minimal impact.

Here’s the complete look at what Google has in store:

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