The New Face of Search Engine Optimization

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Readers of our blog know that we’ve been huge critics of search engine optimization over the last year. Fuzz One has put together this incredible infographic, The New Face of SEO: How SEO Has Changed, that breaks down each of the strategies of old, and compares it to new strategies.

Over the past 18 months, SEO processes as well as SEO strategy has immensely changed. Whilst SEO is still very much rooted as a technical discipline, a significant degree of SEO is verging more and more towards a creative and marketing mindset that touches the nerves of humans OR an audience that search engines are getting better at understanding. SEOs are starting to think about their audience first with engaging content before optimisation for search engines.

Please take the time to read through this infographic and compare it to your current strategy. If you’ve got an SEO firm or consultant that’s still pushing the old strategies, you may want to rethink your relationship.

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    Many thanks for the mention Douglas – we put it together as a means of educating our clients on how complex SEO as a process has become and how it is indeed overlaying with other channels of digital marketing.
    You need a team and strategic partnerships for success on the web.

    Kunle Campbell

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    This is really helpful… I’ve read a lot of SEO blogs about the new SEO processes and tactics but this is the most well-presented and most understandable blog post ever.. Thanks

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    The infographic is suitable for every beginner or professional, because compares the bases of SEO in such an easy-understandable and succinct way. The framework let us assimilate both what we should and shouldn’t do. The simple and compendious comparison makes me reconsider what I know about SEO and how useful the old approaches are now. The good practices are changed, so I should change my marketing strategies for my site $earch. If marketers and companies don’t succeed to adjust, they are losing the competition. But already the competition isn’t for getting “your site to appear at the top of search engines results because of keywords or phrases” but because of creating “the best quality content that meets the needs of the readers”.

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    Hey Douglas, this is an one of the best infographic. I read many seo stuff for new seo updates, but i really like this, because through this infographic, i am easily know about different between old and new seo updates. Thanks Douglas for sharing this great infographic.

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    Awesome! The exclusive infographic looks powerful source to know the new face of SEO. Douglas, you have really shown most authentic creativity in this source. It’s truly fantastic.

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    Hey Douglas, Good infographic. the many man can Update a new strategic but this one is easy and better to than to other.

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    SEO is really changed now days. You have to change your strategy for optimize your site in different search engines and also today’s world the social media sites are very important for your site. These tips above are very interesting. Thanks for such nice and useful tips.

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