Medallia: Experience Management To Detect, Identify, Predict, and Correct Issues in Your Customers’ Experiences

Customers and employees are producing millions of signals critical to your business: how they feel, what they like, why this product and not that, where they’re spending money, what could be better… Or what would make them happier, spend more, and be more loyal.

These signals are flooding into your organization in Live Time. Medallia captures all these signals and makes sense of them. So you can understand every experience along every journey. Medallia’s artificial intelligence analyzes all these signals to detect patterns, identify risk, and predict behavior. So you can fix problems before they happen and double down on opportunities to make experiences extraordinary.

What is Experience Managment?

Experience management is an effort by organizations to measure and improve the experiences they provide to customers as well as stakeholders like vendors, suppliers, employees, and shareholders.

Medallia Experience Cloud Features

Medallia’s Experience Cloud offering captures over 4.5 billion signals a year, making 8 trillion calculations per day for over a million monthly users. Customer Experience signals can be captured from all of the following mediums and channels:

Core to Medallia’s offerings is Medallia Athena, which powers their Experience Management platform with artificial intelligence to detect patterns, anticipate needs, predict behavior, and focus attention for improved experience decisions.

Features of Medallia Alchemy Include:

Medallia Alchemy delivers intuitive and addictive experience management applications for discovering insights and taking action

Medallia Organizational Hierarchy

Medallia seamlessly adapts your experience program to match your organizational structure continuously and automatically. What does this mean? Right data. Right person. Right away.

Benefits of Medallia Experience Management Include:

  • Text Analytics – Understand the why behind the scores: uncover themes, sentiment, and underlying satisfaction drivers across all your unstructured data—from survey comments to chat logs and emails—and turn every word into actionable insights.
  • Suggested Actions – Get action recommendations based on deep learning and automatic discovery of actionable suggestions that drive the most impact.
  • Risk Scoring – Identify at-risk customers and understand the drivers behind their behavior with neural-network-based predictive models.

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