Mobile vs Desktop (vs Tablet) Activities: Consumer and Business Statistics in 2023

The use of smartphones and desktops varies significantly between consumers and businesses. This article, backed by recent statistics and sources, delves into how these devices are utilized. Here are some overall key differentiators:

Consumer Use of Smartphones and Desktops

E-Commerce Usage with Smartphones and Desktops

Business Use of Smartphones and Desktops

  1. Business Management Apps: In recent years, mobile business apps are increasingly used in business management.
  2. Business Video Consumption: Despite the rise of mobile, 87% of business-related videos are viewed on desktops, suggesting a preference for larger screens and focused environments in professional settings.
  3. Desktops for E-commerce Transactions: While mobile devices account for 60% of all e-commerce transactions, desktop visits to e-commerce websites yield a higher conversion rate (3% for desktops compared to 2% for smartphones).

The landscape of digital device usage in 2023 shows a distinct pattern between consumer and business use. Consumers favor smartphones for media consumption, shopping, social media, and travel bookings. In contrast, businesses prefer desktops to view business-related videos and conduct e-commerce transactions with higher conversion rates. This difference underscores the evolving nature of technology use in personal and professional domains.

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