These Statistics Should Impact Your View of Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing stats

Have you downloaded the latest version of our Mobile App – iOS, Android? We’re still working on customizing the content but the framework is there, and it took hardly any effort to get it off the ground thanks to the amazing mobile app building platform from Bluebridge!

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Why is this so important? Well, take a look at these 14 mobile marketing stats from Kahuna, a mobile marketing automation platform:

  • 44% of Americans say they can’t make it one day without their mobile device
  • There will be 5.2 billion mobile users by 2019
  • 850 mobile apps are downloaded every second from the Apple App Store
  • 45% of all email clicks are on a mobile device
  • Smartphone users access an average of 26.7 apps per month
  • There’s been a 345% YoY increase in mobile app installs
  • Millennial teens spend 6.3 hours a day in mobile apps
  • 50% of millennials have downloaded a mobile shopping app
  • 59% growth in mobile addicts, those who launch apps 60+ times a day
  • US Adults 18-24 spend an average of 91 hours a month on mobiel apps
  • Apps achieve half their lifetime usage in the first 6 months
  • 20% of all US money paid to Starbucks came through mobile
  • Average Push Opt-In Rates: iOS is 51%, Android is 86%
  • Average retention rates of those opted into push notifications are 2x

Mobile has changed the world. Whether it’s healthcare, shopping, news, media, advertising or gaming, the smartphone is becoming a critical factor in nearly every facet of life. This infographic will frame just how big the opportunity is for smart brands that embrace mobile in the right way.

mobile marketing statistics infographic

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