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Once upon a time, sales teams walked into office buildings with physical documents to conduct deals. Now, an abundance of information is available online, but despite the significant digital transformation, data is rarely presented in a way that can be readily leveraged. Sales professionals are in need of a companion, a reliable and accurate tool that can set teams up for success no matter the challenges that may present themselves.

53% of surveyed organizations attribute poor data quality to inaccurate and incomplete datasets.


Strong, accurate data is necessary for sales professionals to personalize their outreach to target accounts and build stronger customer relationships. But, this data is hard to come by. Owler, a business data and insights provider, is on a mission to be the sales companion tool for teams to provide accurate and quality data to boost leads and company revenue.

Why Owler?

Driving leads becomes challenging for sales teams when they’re not armed with the tools needed to succeed. Teams are already swamped finding and following prospects; how can they be expected to stay up-to-date on timely company news: acquisitions, product launches, funding rounds, leadership changes – all information that changes by the minute? Without the tools that guarantee personalization, it’s easy to forget that prospects are humans. This can diminish any chance of repeat engagement and customer loyalty over time.

Owler sought to take a different approach utilizing data to make strategic and smart business decisions: crowdsourcing. With a community of over five million business professionals, Owler provides instant access to accurate information on over 15 million global companies of all sizes. Teams never miss an important announcement that can launch a prospecting journey, announcements that spark meaningful conversations that can boost growth and better serve customers – leading to longer customer lifetime value. The news is curated from 10 million verified global news sources, blogs, and company websites, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

Owler Max Platform Overview

A proven part of successful selling is the ability to personalize prospecting, which helps build an authentic trust-based relationship with customers and clients. With Owler Max, all capabilities are available in existing workflows, so team efforts are better focused on prospects. Users can continue to work as normal; however, the platform supplies teams with the right data at the right time for more actionable and engaging discussions with prospects.

By arming sales teams with instant insights on target accounts, teams never miss a reason to connect. With integrations to HubSpot, Salesforce, MS Teams, and Slack, real-time data on the companies they’re already managing in their customer relationship management (CRM) is presented in a way that’s easy to understand and act on. By aggregating all of the data into one platform, teams don’t need to worry about researching from various sources. This ability to cut down on time spent researching new prospects gives valuable time back to sales teams and enhances collaboration.

Sales intelligence is the key to unlocking true sales potential. Poor quality data will affect your team’s chances of success. Owler Max allows your teams to focus on selling more, selling better, and selling faster.

Tim Harsch, CEO of Owler

Build Strong Remote Teams and Avoid Burnout

Every organization needs both a sales and marketing team to grow and nurture leads, whether small or large. As we approach 2023, remote and hybrid work is on the rise, presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses. While employers want to offer workplace flexibility to their employees, sales teams don’t benefit from the in-person collaboration they once had, presenting potential risks in communication and teamwork.

Owler Max’s capabilities focus on supporting team workflows, so no matter where sales professionals are working, teams can stay connected and communicate with one another over news that’s happening in real-time.

Derrick Jenkins, Head of Marketing for Owler

As employees through the enterprise experience increased burnout and a surge in ‘quiet quitting’, workers are lacking a sense of direction. To be set up for success, there needs to be tools and resources for employees to turn to when the lines of their responsibilities become blurred, along with employee collaboration to foster motivation. With Salesforce and other CRMs fully integrated into an existing workflow, sales teams know exactly what tasks need to be completed to take action the second they log on in the morning – without any ambiguity.

The sales department’s ultimate goal is to use research data to generate new leads and turn them into buyers. To encourage this, the management dashboard in Owler Max enables a designated leader to assign and keep track of collaborative tasks. The Slack integration makes it seamless for teams to communicate and organize brainstorming sessions about updates on new leads, regardless of location. These measures encourage teams to see themselves as a unit, motivating them to collaborate more and cut down redundancies, no matter the location.

Save Your Team Time and Build Your Pipeline

Your team will be as effective and efficient as the tools they use. By arming your teams with the right resources, they can gain insightful business intelligence, build meaningful connections with prospects, and shape how they interact with your organization.

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