A List Of All Salesforce Products for 2023

Salesforce continues to lead the SaaS industry with its enterprise solutions because they are cloud-based, customizable, feature-rich, integrated, secure, and scalable. As we discuss the platforms with our prospects and clients, we liken Salesforce to buying a race car versus a stock automobile. It’s not the best solution for every company, but it’s amazingly malleable for virtually any process, organization, and industry.

With other off-the-shelf applications, we often have to work within the platform’s constraints. That’s not a complaint, just an observation. For many companies, alternative solutions can be implemented in less time, with less cost, and with less training. Buying a race car requires an entire team to customize, drive, and maintain the vehicle. This is often overlooked in our implementations for organizations… or it’s overlooked in the sales process.

As a result, there are strong reactions to Salesforce in the marketplace… some people believe it’s difficult, expensive, and doesn’t work as expected. Others love it and have built successful careers with it implemented seamlessly into every aspect of their organization. As a consulting firm working with Salesforce for decades, we see both sides. We are often brought in to help frustrated companies turn around their return on technology investment (ROTI) for Salesforce. Our only wish was that we were brought in before the purchase decision to set accurate expectations for the client on resources, timelines, priorities, and expectations.

Salesforce Sales and Partner Processes

A key to Salesforce’s success is its sales and partner process. When a company licenses one of Salesforce’s products, the sales representative typically introduces a partner or partners that can also provide implementation services. This coordination between Saleforce and its partners isn’t unique in the marketplace, but it can also introduce some challenges.

A lot of pressure and expectations are placed on the partner to support the sales process, expand the Salesforce relationship, and help the sales representative meet or exceed their quotas. I’d encourage you to seek out a partner that isn’t beholden to Salesforce, as they’ll look out for your best interests instead.

We work in partnership to ensure our clients’ success… and we aren’t reliant on Salesforce for our leads and customers. I want to be clear that I’m not criticizing all of Salesforce or its partners – they have some exceptional people and a talented partner community. I’m simply providing a better process for ensuring your return on investment with Salesforce.

Salesforce Product Landscape

Perhaps the best independent resource on the web for Salesforce information is Salesforce Ben. Their site keeps you updated on how to get a great return and take advantage of the best of Salesforce’s platforms. Last year, they provided this infographic that organizes the growing array of products.

Another observation… as an enterprise corporation, Salesforce is constantly renaming, retiring, acquiring, and integrating new products and platforms. This is in addition to AppExchange.

AppExchange is a marketplace where businesses can buy, sell, and customize Salesforce apps. It is the world’s largest enterprise cloud marketplace, with over 7,000 apps available. Apps on AppExchange can help businesses with a wide range of tasks, including:

AppExchange apps are developed by a wide range of partners, including Salesforce, independent software vendors (ISVs), and Salesforce users. Apps can be purchased or rented and customized to meet any business’s specific needs.

List of Salesforce Products

Salesforce Products for Sales and Marketing:

Salesforce Products for Customer Service:

Salesforce Products for Analytics and Data Management:

Salesforce Products for Integration and Development:

Salesforce Products for Industry-Specific Solutions:

Salesforce Products for Artificial Intelligence and Learning:

Other Salesforce Products:

It’s important to note that Salesforce’s extensive APIs enable virtually any developer, organization, or platform to integrate almost every product or feature within a Salesforce product with their systems. Millions of custom integrations and well-supported third-party products outside the Salesforce ecosystem are robust and affordable alternatives to Salesforce products and AppExchange solutions.

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