Scoring Social Engagement

Most marketers understand the importance of using social media to engage with customers, build brand awareness and generate leads, but many companies still struggle. How do you engage prospects on a personal level, showcase your company’s value and ultimately convert them into customers?

For a business there’s little value in having thousands of Twitter followers if no one is buying from you. It boils down to measuring results and easily identifying if what you’re doing is working.

At Right On Interactive we’re focused on finding the best ways to measure success, and  we do it by scoring different levels of engagement. Right On’s scoring engine tracks all activity and interaction surrounding your brand. We are scoring social engagement.

Let’s look at email as an example. You send your prospects your monthly email newsletter. Anyone who opens it get a point. If they click on a link in the email that’s another point. If that visit your webpage, they earn more points. Recipients with the most points are the ones who are most engaged.

Right On’s new Twitter integration is bringing that same concept to social media.

By tracking all the activity happening around a marketer’s twitter account we’re able to pull that activity down into Right On’s scoring engine and assign values to different levels of engagement.

Why ROI’s Social Scoring is Different

Many of the current Twitter products out there are amplifier products. You post something to a social media account and hope it gets retweets so it can reach a broad audience. It’s almost like putting up a billboard along the highway and hoping a lot of people see it.

At Right On Interactive we’re focused on scoring and engagement, not amplification. We’re interested in identifying and scoring buying signals. By helping clients make sense of their social media marketing efforts they can quickly see what tactics are most effective.

ROI’s Social Scoring is Fully Customizable

The integration pulls in all the data surrounding a Twitter account like new followers, brand mentions, retweets and direct messages. Any of these activities can be assigned engagement points, with the marketer controlling the score. It’s fully customizable.

For example, a new follower might receive one point. A retweet could be worth two. If a prospect direct messages the account that might be worth 10 points. Marketers can assign values to engagement activities they feel are most important and effective.

Identifying Hot Leads via ROI Social Scoring

The new Twitter integration is now a standard feature of Right On’s scoring software. It lets you turn anonymous followers into actual contacts in your company database. Connecting a company’s Twitter contacts and it’s database allows the marketing team to better leverage all aspects of engagement surrounding the brand.

One of the more exciting features helps marketers identify hot leads, which are those users who create a lot of engagement and interaction in a short period of time. By identifying those users quickly, you’re able to pass the hot lead to the sales team immediately.

It’s just one more way Right On Interactive is helping businesses make the most out of social media activity.

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