SEO versus New SEO

SEO is Dead. I said that well over a year ago and I still have some angry SEO folks commenting on the post every week. Google continued to squeeze our the SEO games that folks were playing to game their clients’ ranking – and many of them are still suffering the consequences today. Those of us that pulled our clients out of the fire early have done quite well.

I have mixed feelings on this infographic from Positionly. While I don’t disagree with any of New SEO strategies, I really have a difficult time calling them New or SEO strategies at all.

This is not New SEO.

It’s online, content, and social strategies that have been time-tested well before SEO was being put to death by Google. I do hope that SEO professionals learn the strategies that Positionly documents well here to drive real engagement and conversions to their brand. I’m not optimistic given the weekly SPAM we get from professionals who guarantee rankings, though.

The recommendations in this infographic fall short since they don’t account for mediums, either, and the explosion of mobile. Providing strategies via different mediums, channels and strategies (whitepapers, ebooks, infographics, video) is essential to garnering attention with your online marketing nowadays. And all of it rolls up into your search visibility.

I often tell folks that SEO is a math problem and folks great at math gravitated towards that industry. Marketing is a human problem, though, and requires human solutions. Many of these New strategies are far outside the capabilities of the SEO professionals that I’ve worked with in the past.

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