57% of People Are Not Recommending You Because…

57% of people are not recommending your company because you have a poorly optimized mobile website. That hurts… and we know Martech Zone is one of them! While we have a fantastic mobile application, we know the Jetpack standard mobile theme is a pain to view our site on.

As we continue to work with our clients and review their analytics, it’s becoming quite clear to us that our clients who are not optimized for mobile are really lacking on the number and quality of visits they’re seeing from mobile users. Some, like this site, have a mobile-specific theme and we’re not even seeing as good a results as our clients who have responsive sites. It’s made us believers… so much so that we’re working with the great design and development team at Exit 31 on building out a totally new theme that’s responsive.

More of you are probably reading this on a smartphone or tablet than on a laptop or desktop (at least according to the stats). Despite the remarkably quick rise of mobile – seemingly overnight – it isn’t hard to understand. We live in a world where we need the Internet at our fingertips, and smartphones and tablets are now capable of delivering a consistent (and more efficient) digital experience than cumbersome laptops and desktops.

This infographic from WSI has all the statistics you need to justify the transition to a mobile-optimized user experience:

It’s no wonder that in 2015, the projected expense on mobile marketing will reach $400 billion in the United States alone!

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