How To Enable Automatic Google Analytics UTM Tracking in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

By default, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) isn’t integrated with Google Analytics for appending UTM tracking querystring variables to each link. The documentation on Google Analytics integration typically points towards Google Analytics 360 integration… you may want to look at this if you really want to take your analytics to the next level since it allows you to connect customer site engagement from Analytics 360 into your Marketing Cloud reports. For basic Google Analytics Campaign Tracking integration,

Clarity: Free Heatmaps and Session Recordings for Website Optimization

As we designed and developed a custom Shopify theme for our online dress shop, we wanted to ensure that we designed an elegant and simple ecommerce site that didn’t confuse or overwhelm their customers. One example of our design testing was a more information block which had additional details about the products. If we published the section in the default region, it would significantly push down the price and add to cart button. However, if

Audiense Insights: Audience Segmentation Intelligence and Analysis Software

A key strategy and challenge when developing and marketing a brand is understanding who your market is. Great marketers avoid the temptation of guessing because we’re often biased in our approach. Anecdotal stories from internal decision-makers who have relationships with their market often don’t uncover the overall view of our audience is for a few reasons: The loudest prospects or customers aren’t necessarily the average or best prospects or customers. While a company may have

Marpipe: Arming Marketers With The Intelligence They Need To Test And Find Winning Ad Creative

For years, marketers and advertisers have depended upon audience targeting data to know where and in front of whom to run their ad creative. But the recent shift away from invasive data-mining practices — the result of new and necessary privacy regulations put in place by GDPR, CCPA, and Apple’s iOS14 — have left marketing teams scrambling. As more and more users opt-out of tracking, audience targeting data becomes less and less reliable. Market-leading brands