Sprinklr Insights: Transform Unstructured Data Into Actionable Insights With AI

Today’s businesses face unprecedented challenges adapting to customer expectations for personalized, real-time digital experiences on their preferred channels. This challenge is compounded by the vast amount of unstructured and siloed data generated by billions of people across numerous channels.

97% of marketers report their brands are ineffective at turning customer data into actionable insights.

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This creates a gap in understanding and responding effectively to customer needs and preferences in the digital landscape. Sprinklr Insights uses AI to process conversations from over 30 digital channels, offering a comprehensive view of customer interactions. It’s a tool designed to make sense of the data deluge, providing clarity and actionable intelligence.

Sprinklr Insights Features

With insights into customer feedback and competitor strategies, businesses can identify critical market trends and unmet customer needs.

These features empower companies to stay ahead in their respective industries and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Sprinklr Insights also provides real-time updates on current events, trends, and potential crises, enabling companies to make informed decisions and adapt their strategies proactively.

Sprinklr Insights Sample Reports

Here are some examples of reports that can be generated using Sprinklr Insights, each offering unique insights and analytics:

Each of these reports leverages Sprinklr’s advanced AI and data analysis capabilities, providing businesses with a comprehensive view of their brand’s performance, audience insights, and competitive landscape.

With its capability to serve over 60 industry verticals and the backing of more than 500 customer-specific AI models, Sprinklr Insights offers high accuracy and relevance across a broad spectrum of businesses.

Sprinklr Insights offers a comprehensive, AI-powered solution for businesses seeking to harness the power of data. Its features and benefits make it an indispensable tool for companies aiming to enhance customer experience, drive product innovation, and maintain a strong brand reputation.

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