StoreConnect: A Salesforce-Native eCommerce Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

While e-commerce has always been the future, it is now more important than ever. The world has changed into a place of uncertainty, caution, and social distance, emphasizing many advantages of eCommerce for both businesses and consumers.

Global e-commerce has been growing every year since its inception. Because online purchasing is easier and more convenient than shopping at a real store. Examples of how eCommerce is reshaping and upending the sector include Amazon and Flipkart

Ecommerce began to emerge as a significant factor in the retail industry in the early years of this century. By 2012, it accounted for 5% of retail sales in the US, a share that doubled to 10% by 2019. In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused the temporary shuttering of physical stores all over the world, pushed the e-commerce share to 13.6% of all retail sales. It is projected that by 2025, the e-commerce share will reach 21.9%.

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Due to this explosive growth, more and more Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) are moving their operations online bit by bit using the existing eCommerce 2.0 systems. These eCommerce 2.0 systems each do part of the job required and need the business owner to create connections between them to keep all of their data synchronized across all of their systems.

This rapidly becomes a problem chewing into the one priceless commodity every Small to Medium Business owner lacks, time.

The evolution of StoreConnect eCommerce 3.0, is about creating a single platform that provides a SINGLE source of truth across product information, websites, online ordering, support, marketing, point of sale, and customer data. It keeps valuable customer data within a business and readily accessible to its teams. It increases efficiency in companies by removing data silos and integrating the customer experience with a company’s back-end system. An eCommerce 3.0 system integrates all of the above systems into one solution run from a single platform, rather than attempting to integrate multiple systems.

StoreConnect eCommerce Solution Overview

StoreConnect is a complete eCommerce, hosted website, point of sale, and content management system (CMS) that allows small to medium-size businesses to consolidate all their marketing, sales, and support channels into one system, saving time and money. The system is built within Salesforce, the global software platform that provides customer relationship management and applications focused on sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

The main features of StoreConnect are:

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Over 150,000 for-profit and 50,000 not-for-profit businesses already use Salesforce worldwide. StoreConnect increases the efficiency of Small to Medium businesses through its eCommerce 3.0, allowing SMBs to be more profitable, so they can easily weather any potential economic shifts.

Being chosen as the winner of the 2021 Salesforce Innovation Award for the Retail Category is a huge validation of the hard work in bringing the vision to reality.

Moderno Solutions, one of New Zealand’s premiere Salesforce consulting partners, uses StoreConnect to enable their customers to fully integrate the world’s #1 CRM program with their online presence and so their organization and customers. 

The problem we see with most e-commerce platforms is that they predominantly sit independent of other business systems. This limits the ability to be able to market and service customers unless a costly and lengthy integration project is put in place. By having all transaction data sitting within the Salesforce platform you can provide really personalized and relevant marketing based on transaction history.

Gareth Baker, Moderno Founder

Robin Leonard, CEO of AFDigital, one of Australia’s leading Salesforce consulting partners, explained, that with StoreConnect, they don’t need to consider integration costs or installing third-party plugins to meet specific needs. It is easy to set up, requires no development skills and we can launch our client sites quickly.

Theo Kanellopoulos, CEO of Out in the Clouds expressed, that they see StoreConnect solving a huge problem for their customers who are at a particular point in their tech adoption and are looking for a holistic scalable solution.

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StoreConnect solutions are so needed and powerful, that 63% of StoreConnect customers are net new logos to Salesforce (lingo for not previously using Salesforce) and more than 92% of their prospects are also net new logos.  These numbers in the Salesforce ISV (independent software vendor) ecosystem are unheard of.

Quote From CEO

It’s about the simplicity. It’s that single source of truth. Many companies can do POS and multi store and multi countries… but who cares about that if you have to do it across 10 different systems. StoreConnect with Salesforce can do it all in ONE system saving BUCKETS of time and money, this is the key message. eCommerce 3.0.

Mikel Lindsaar, StoreConnect

StoreConnect Overview

StoreConnect’s purpose is to resolve the massive pent-up demand for better tech of SMBs, catapulting them into eCommerce 3.0 and giving them the opportunity to compete as David’s against the Goliath’s, in terms of technology, growth, speed and data ownership—finally leveling the playing allowing them to compete on a global scale never seen before. In business time is money. StoreConnect is Time. Well Spent.

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