WhatConverts: Lead Tracking and Attribution for Marketing Agencies and Their Clients

Marketing agencies operate in a dynamic landscape where success hinges on data-driven decision-making. One of the critical challenges agencies face is accurately tracking and reporting on leads generated from their diverse marketing campaigns. If you’re in the leadgen business, you’d better have solutions in a place where both you and your clients can monitor the impact of your strategies.


WhatConverts addresses this significant challenge for marketing agencies, accurately tracking and reporting on leads generated from your marketing campaigns. The platform provides lead tracking and reporting software trusted by top agencies, professionals, and consultants to enhance the value delivered to their clients.

Marketing agencies execute various campaigns across different platforms, making it challenging to attribute leads accurately. Traditionally, tracking leads across multiple sources involves manual effort and lacks a centralized system. This leads to incomplete data, missed opportunities, and an inability to showcase the true impact of campaigns to clients.

WhatConverts offers a unified lead tracking and reporting software that automates capturing, organizing, and analyzing leads from various conversion types, including calls, forms, and chats. This solution empowers agencies to demonstrate the true effectiveness of their campaigns while streamlining lead management.

WhatConverts comes equipped with a range of features tailored to the needs of marketing agencies:

Lead Tracking Features

Lead Management Features

Analytics and Insights

In a landscape where data-driven insights are paramount, marketing agencies need a reliable solution to track and report on leads generated from various campaigns accurately. WhatConverts fills this void with its lead tracking and reporting software, providing agencies with the tools to demonstrate their value to clients, optimize campaigns, and make informed decisions for sustainable growth.

WhatConverts has changed the game for agencies to automate the lead tracking process.

Mike Levy, Search Engine Marketing Manager at Search Control

By incorporating WhatConverts into their workflow, agencies can elevate their lead tracking and reporting capabilities, resulting in more effective campaigns, improved client relationships, and increased business success.

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