Convert Customers into Advocates with Zuberance

The best way to promote a brand is by having a bunch of highly satisfied customers talk about it. The best customer to do it is a brand advocate – a customer whose satisfaction has reached the level of passion. Such brand advocates make powerful recommendations that usually have a long lasting impact. But brands need a clear cut way to identify such customers in the first place, and then leverage them as brand advocates.

Zuberance, a social media promotion platform, claims to provide a solution:

Zuberance works on the brand’s database by deploying social listening tools and offering quick surveys, to identify which of the customers are potential brand advocates, and willing to vouch for the brand on the social space. It then provides these customers with four specific apps: Advocate Review, Advocate Testimonials, Advocate Answers, and Advocate Offers, which allows them to post recommendations on just about any social media available.

Brands benefit in more ways than mere visibility. For instance, a customer using the Advocate Offer app to share details of a product offer with friends converts friends as potential leads for the marketer. Similarly, a customer with Advocate Answer App answers a product query based on his experience, which would convince a prospective buyer than a company agent providing the same answer.

The Zuberance Advocate Analytics then tracks results in real-time to identify the advocate profile by demographics and activity, and provides the brand with analytic information in a simple to understand dashboard. Zuberance has quite a few customer testimonials on their site that you can check out if you’d like to see how the platform is being used in your industry.

Zuberance provides these apps either independently, or offers them as part of a comprehensive turnkey solution encompassing all aspects of the brand advocate campaign. The success of Zuberance or any other tool that allow enterprises to convert customers as Brand Advocates depends on having potential customers on hand in the first place. For this, there is no shortcut to product or service excellence and impeccable customer service.

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