5 Ways to Kill Your Competition with Content

Someone asked on Quora if their blog could compete in an overly crowded segment of the blogosphere. The question was too good to answer there… I wanted to share my answer with all of you.

Of course they can compete! Great content will always rise to the top, regardless of how crowded the space is. Different techniques you can apply are:

  1. Be fast – If you’re the first site or blog to repeatedly capture a topic, you’ll get noticed more.
  2. Be on top – Understanding search and its impact on your content will help you garner search engine traffic.
  3. Be social – Utilize social media to amplify your blog and integrate social media into your blog so others can amplify it for you. Sharing buttons, retweet buttons and announcements on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are a must.
  4. Be remarkable – When there’s something to talk about on your blog, people will talk and more people will come.
  5. Be consistent – Writing content and growing readership requires momentum and regularity. Don’t think one great post is going to do it for you… every post adds value incrementally.

Great content will always bubble to the top… and fully leveraging all the tools to promote your content and make it easily findable are absolutely key.

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