Animaker: Do-It-Yourself Animation Studio, Marketing Video Editor, and Video Ad Builder

Animated and live video are a must for every organization. Videos are highly engaging, have the ability to explain difficult concepts concisely and provide an experience that’s both visual and audible. While video is an incredible medium, it’s often insurmountable for small businesses or marketers because of the resources required:

The great news is that we continue to see advancements – both in hardware and software. The modern phone can record beautiful video in rich 4k resolutions. Add an affordable microphone and your audio will complement the visual experience. Layer in intros, outros, music, visuals, or even animations and you can have an effective content marketing piece without breaking the bank.

Animaker’s Animation and Editing Platform

Animaker’s drag-and-drop builder makes it easy for anyone to create pro-level animated videos using pre-made templates and ready-to-go assets with zero technical skills. The platform is built for individuals or teams to develop any kind of video.

Marketers are utilizing Animaker for brand overviews, onboarding videos, explainer videos, animated explainer videos, demonstration videos, customer testimonials, business presentations, video ads, slideshows, Instagram videos, Facebook videos, and YouTube videos and video ads.

One of the best features is that Animaker allows you to repurpose your video for different platforms easily. Simply click on the resize button and switch between different video types instantly.

Here are some of the other incredible features and functionality:

Animation Studio

Animaker’s animation studio enables you to design and publish your animated video with all the tools necessary:

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Video-Editing Suite

Upload your interview, testimonial, or other recorded video and Animaker provides tons of features such as camera effects, screen effects, audio tracks, transitions, and more to add a pro-level feel to your video.

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Animated GIF and Short Video Creator

Animated GIFs are fantastic for social media and email marketing… Animaker’s library is also integrated with Giphy for ease of finding the perfect GIF for your project!

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Collaboration and Brand Management

Invite your teammates onboard to work together on completing your videos. Animaker also offers a brand kit to ensure your brand’s integrity is kept consistent throughout all the videos you’re publishing.

Video Marketing Calendar

Users now get a video marketing calendar packed with engaging video ideas to help you plan and create videos for all the special days throughout the year. Simply navigate to the section that has the current month as its heading and you’ll have tons of proven video content ideas to bolster your social media presence.

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AI-Driven Voice Overs

The platform even incorporates voice-over intelligence to customize and output your script without the need for hiring talent. Animaker’s Voice enables you to:

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Disclosure: Martech Zone is an affiliate of Animaker and have their links throughout this article.

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