10 Auto-Reply Text Message (SMS) Samples Your Business Can Use To Save Time and Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Did you know that 48% of customers prefer text messaging as a form of business communication?

Also, 45% of text messages receive a response from the recipient, which makes text message (SMS) marketing a go-to channel for all industries. However, coming up with text messages to reply to customers can sometimes feel overwhelming.

You may receive a text from your customers after business hours or during the weekend or holiday while you enjoy quality time with your loved ones. In such scenarios, the auto-replies come to your rescue.

Automated text message replies can save you time and help inform or communicate with customers faster when you can’t tend to them. They’re effective and essential to save your time and assure customers you are there for them.

Here are some auto-reply message samples you can use:

  1. General Auto-Reply Messages – General auto-reply text messages confirm that you have received the customer’s request or query and will contact them soon. This may be your first message to your customers, so include your business name, hours of operation, and a link to your site or landing page. Here’s a template you can use:
Thank you for reaching out to [Business Name]. We’ve received your message and will get back to you within [Time frame or working days]. For more information, visit: [Website]
  1. Customer Welcome Texts – New customers join daily, making it difficult to attend to everyone personally. Thus, an automated welcome message will ensure your customers get a unique experience. Here’s a sample message you can use:
Thank you for your interest in [business/product name]. We welcome you to our community. Be prepared to get exclusive discounts and rewards from us.
  1. After-Hours or Out-of-Office Replies – Many times, customers may reach out to you after office hours or when you are unable to reply instantly. Set up an automated reply to send away whenever a customer texts you after office hours or when you’ve headed out to run a few errands or for lunch. Regardless of the reason, here are templates you can use:

After Hours:

Thank you for reaching out to [us/company name]. Our business hours are 09:00 to 17:00 on working days, and since it’s after hours, we’ll reach out to you within [time frame].


Thanks for contacting [employee name] at [company name]. I’m currently away from the office and will reach out to you as soon as possible.
  1. Customer Support Texts – Nothing frustrates customers more than when they need support but not getting it on time. Auto-reply customer support texts can assure your customers that you have received their query and are processing it so that they don’t get more frustrated than they are. Here’s a sample message you can use:
Rest assured, we’ve received your query. We are processing it and soon a member of our support team will get back to you within [time frame]. Thank you for your understanding.
  1. Appointment Confirmation/Reminder Texts – Automated replies are also essential for sending appointment confirmations and reminders to your customers. Whenever a customer books an appointment for a real estate property tour or insurance premium, confirmations and reminders can help make sure they attend the same. Here’s a template you can use:
Hello [customer name], we’ve booked an appointment for [Purpose] on [Date] at [address]. Please ensure that you join us 5 minutes early. Looking forward to seeing you.
  1. High-volume Text Alerts – Another auto-reply case for the text message is to alert customers when there’s a high volume of support queries. Your support team may often get overwhelmed with so many support calls and messages. Thus, it becomes exhaustive to reach out to each customer on time. You can explain the situation and buy more time from customers with the following auto-reply text:
Hello [customer name], this is to inform you we’re getting more support requests than usual. We want you to be patient as we’re trying our best to resolve your queries. Thank you!
  1. Vacation Texts – While you may be enjoying the time of your life when on vacation, you don’t want to leave your customers hanging for a longer period. A simple auto-reply message stating the alternate contact information or the person they can reach out to will always be appreciated. Here’s a sample SMS you can send:
Hi [customer name], thank you for contacting me. Currently, I’m on vacation until [period]. Alternatively, you can reach out to my colleague [name] at [phone number]. Thank you!
  1. Holiday Closure Alerts – It’s great to celebrate office holidays or festivals once in a while. But don’t forget to notify your customers about company-wide holidays. Doing so will help you enjoy the festivals guilt-free by sending automated positive text messages. Here’s an example of a text message template you can automate for holiday closure alerts:
Greetings of [Festival]! Please note that our offices will remain closed during [period]. We’ll resume operations after [Date]. For any urgent needs, please contact [Person] on [Contact Number]. Thank you!
  1. Abandoned Shopping Cart Reminders – If a logged-in customer has added items to their shopping cart but forgot to check out, you can remind them via text message. It’s not uncommon for customers to wait a few days for payday or another reason to complete their transaction, so these text messages have very high conversion rates. Here’s an auto-reply template you can use:
Hey there! We noticed you left some items in your shopping cart. We wanted to remind you that they're patiently waiting for you. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. Thank you!
  1. Renewal / Reorder Reminders – Automated renewal or purchase reminders help you increase retention and drive revenue. You need to time such reminders to be sent after certain days when it’s time for customers to buy again or reminders sent before the contract expiration. This ensures your brand is on top of their minds when customers are ready to purchase again. Here’s an auto-reply template you can use:
Ready to purchase again? Order now to book the product before it runs out and get an exciting discount if you purchase additional items worth [price]. Thank you!

While you begin with setting up auto-replies, keep in mind that you want to stick to the core message. Ensure that your auto-replies are 160 characters long since it guarantees the delivery of the message straight to users’ inboxes.

Since your customers are also interacting with you while you send auto-replies, you want to thank them for their time so that they feel more supported and connected. Also, set clear expectations with clients and avoid using link shorteners in your auto-replies.

Following these practices will ensure that your automated replies help improve your relationship with clients. There are endless use cases of auto-responses, so feel free to get creative with your automated drip SMS campaigns.

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