Templates For Every Text Message You Might Need for Your Business

Text Message Templates

It’s like a modern-day easy button. Except it does everything the office gadget of yesteryear couldn’t.

Text messaging is about as simple, straightforward and effective a way to accomplish almost anything in business today. Writers from Forbes call text message marketing the next frontier. And it’s the one you don’t want to miss because the importance of mobile in today’s digital marketing landscape is paramount.

Studies show that 63% of Smartphone users keep their gadgets handy 93% of the time they are awake. And 90% of the time, a person will read a text just within three minutes after receiving it

Text Message Marketing Examples

Choosing to leverage these truths with an effective text message campaign is smart business.

Chances are you’ve seen dozens of examples of real companies using SMS marketing in a single trip to the mall without necessarily noticing it. Since it works for such a vast majority of businesses, it’s at everything from clothing retailers and candle stores to coffee shops and cell phone kiosks.

Polo Ralph Lauren puts text message marketing to action with its first to know approach. Customers who sign up for Polo On the Go special offers can also opt in to find out about sales and new arrivals.

Polo Text Club

Chances are the mall itself uses text message marketing to communicate similar special offers and let customers know about events and sales. Mayfair Mall in Milwaukee, Wis. welcomes guests to its mall and website with encouragement to Join the Club to learn about anything from members-only discounts to new store opening and the latest trends.Mayfair Mall Text Club

Templates for Each and Every Business Need

Meanwhile, a recent study conducted by The Alternative Board found that 19 percent of small business owners work more than 60 hours a week, and only one in five small business owners work less than the standard 40-hour work week.

In business, time is valuable. There’s no doubt about that. So what if every time you decided to start a new promotional campaign, send an appointment reminder or notify your staff about a meeting, there was a template for that?

It’s possible to have all the necessary templates, stored neatly in one place at your fingertips. The idea is you wouldn’t have to compose the message yourself, but could instead spend that time on what you do best: building your business.

The team over at TextMagic, a bulk SMS company, has done all the work for you, offering every text message template you could possibly need for your business with all of the important details here:

For example, an effective text message should include a call-to-action, the sender’s name and phone number and a short link to the sender’s website (if necessary).

Tips for Some Types of SMS Campaigns

Beyond those basic principles, here is what every business owner needs to know about several types of SMS campaigns:

  • Marketing and Promotional SMS – Text messages used for marketing and promotion should be catchy enough to both call the recipient to action while simultaneously creating a sense of urgency. These are effective tools to communicate things like a buy one, get one sale as well as to keep customers apprised with lunch specials and coupons, special events or changes to opening or closing times for your business.
  • Appointment Reminders – An effective appointment reminder should include the date and time of the appointment, location, your name (or the company name) and your phone number. This is particularly useful for hair salons, dentists, doctors, banks, and any other appointment-based business.
  • SMS Notifications and Alerts – Pretty self-explanatory, notifications and alerts should include details like a delivery address, estimated time of arrival, company name, and phone number. These messages are most helpful for banks, and for notifying customers with important account status information and meeting change notices.
  • SMS Confirmations – Great for those who travel frequently, SMS confirmations should include an item or booking ID, company name, short link to the company website, and a thank you message. These are used frequently for flight reminders, changes to flight times, hotel bookings, and payment confirmations.

When it comes to doing something easy for your business, the easiest thing you can do is click send.

Text messaging is about as simple, straightforward and effective a way to accomplish almost anything in business today.

And the experts at TextMagic want to help make it a tool you use for your business, so you can focus on what you do best. The company offers a free trial in case you’d like to start using mass texting.

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