Great Marketing? Look Beyond Marketing

A huge part of marketing is having infinite content to support your people, product, or service. In the business world, things change daily – we get new business, develop new products, offer new services, and get new customers. Each event provides excellent fodder for new content!

The only way to run out of great content on a corporate website is to run out of people, products, services, or customers. That can happen, and it’s probably a good sign that a blog or other marketing medium isn’t where you need to focus!

Chris complimented me today that I’m able to create content like water. It’s not always easy but here’s how I do it…

How to Tap into Lots of Content

I don’t run out of content because my blog covers a wide swath of topics. I might comment on form validation one day, a book that bored me the next, how to calculate the distance with PHP and MySQL, and a WordPress tweak some other day.

All of these are within the realm of Marketing Technology. Form Validation is the front-end, or most visible, part of a software application or website. If you can’t make forms easy to use and don’t pay attention to the user experience, it impacts your credibility in the space… and as a result, impacts your Marketing – to either overcome the perception or to move beyond it.

A wordy book? Well, it’s a book on how many companies grow exponentially without the supporting data that says it should. The Black Swan. That’s important to Marketers, right? It should be!

Are you calculating distance? Where are your clients coming from? If you’re a retailer, you know exactly where your clients are coming from, so you should learn to figure out where your web visitors are.

And WordPress tweaking? The post deals with keeping customers on your website by providing related content and search engine optimization methods for finding new ones.

Marketing isn’t just Marketing Blogs, Books, and Conferences

If you ask yourself who your Marketing Department is nowadays, you must look beyond the ol’ organizational chart. Every person in your company, from your Salesperson to your Customer Service Representative, can impact your marketing more than those guys building the fancy newsletters. It’s time that, as a Marketer, you began to pay attention!

Don’t believe me? Do a Google Search for “Huntington Bank Sucks.” A combination of a poor website, terrible support, and a staff that is frozen in inefficiency has made it to the top of the Search Engines! How’s that for great marketing?

The Blog isn’t Focused on Marketing

There’s a list of the top Marketing Blogs that have a great following out on the net. I love the list and check it every month. Every month, my blog isn’t on it. Every month, I ask why. I got my answer a few days ago… paraphrased: my blog isn’t focused on Marketing.

While I appreciate some strict boundaries to what the Marketing Blog has defined, I’m glad I didn’t make a list! If you’re a Marketer and you’re only paying attention to any work in and out of your department, marketing blogs, books, and conferences… Good Luck! You’re going to need it.

As for me? I won’t be running out of content any time soon!

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