Distimo: App Analytics, Conversions and App Store Tracking

Distimo provides free mobile app analytics platform for developers as well as app market data. The Distimo platform lets developers track mobile app downloads, app revenue, and app conversions for campaigns in their own app across multiple app stores. Distimo offers their mobile app analytics for free, allowing them to gather incredible volumes of data and improved accuracy in their paid solution, AppIQ.

Distimo’s AppIQ provides daily competitive data for apps across multiple mobile marketplaces. It helps companies make well informed, strategic decisions, so that they can be competitive in the global app market.

Download estimates enable you to analyze your market share and compare your downloads to your competitors’ in a single chart. Events such as price changes, featured listings and updates allow you to analyze the influence of each event on downloads. Revenue estimations enable you to analyze revenues for any competitor and track where their revenue comes from by country, product and business model.

Distimo also has it’s own mobile app that allows you to track downloads, revenues, ratings and reviews along with additional features like event tracking for ten major app stores. If you have an AppIQ account, all your AppIQ data is also available on the app, allowing you to compare your download and revenue data to the competitions.

If you’re running Adobe Analytics, you can integrate Distimo data directly – at no cost – through their Adobe Genesis API integration.

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