Learn How to Increase Revenue By Harnessing The Awesome Power of Your Tiny Search Box

Search is the universal language. And the search box is the portal to all your answers. At home daydreaming about a new couch for your apartment? Google best sleeper couches for small apartments. At work trying to help a customer understand their subscription options? Search your intranet for the most up-to-date pricing and details to share with them. 

At peak performance, search and browse boosts top and bottom line. Customers buy more and stay loyal, and employees are more productive and stay engaged when they can find what they’re looking for, and get personalized recommendations. 

From the digital commerce experience to the global digital workplace, Lucidworks helps companies build powerful search and data discovery solutions to delight users and maximize the value of available data. 

Search is way more than just a box. It can make or break the entire digital experience. 

Here are a couple of examples of how Fusion, Lucidworks AI-powered search platform, helps a global retailer grow revenue, a top bank build deeper client relationships, the world’s largest oil and gas company empower data-backed decisions, and a medical database support speedy diagnoses and medical care. 

How Lenovo Moved Search to Open Source to Boost Conversions and Relevancy

When Global Search Lead Marc Desormeau took over the search team for Lenovo.com, he was confronted with a question:

Why is search not optimizing as much as we want it to?

Looking to replace its FAST-based search solution with a platform that could support a full digital transformation, Lenovo turned to Gartner and Forrester for vetted possibilities. Lucidworks Fusion was recommended. Fusion’s open-source technology includes out-of-the-box tools that allow flexibility and customization so search results can be tailored specifically to a product line, location, language, user, and more. This is important for a global brand like Lenovo with products that span B2C, SMB, and B2B businesses and serve customers in 180 markets speaking over 60 different languages. 

People are starting to understand there’s some real data here that’s valuable and we can use that to present our customers with a better experience.

Marc Desourmeau, Global Search Lead, Lenovo

After implementing Fusion, Lenovo saw annual revenue contribution through search increase by 95%. On Lenovo’s customer support site, clickthrough rates and bounce rates have shown dramatic improvement, proving that customers are more quickly finding the content they’re looking for. Also, by combining user signals—including click, add to cart and purchase— with machine learning, the search team was able to automate search result ranking for the vast amount of data in their knowledgebase. Relevancy, measured by how often customers click on the first result versus any subsequent result, has improved by over 55% in the span of just a few months since launching Fusion signals.

Employees at Top Bank Use Personalized Recommendations to Increase Clients’ Lifetime Value 

One of the top US banks was struggling to help their financial advisors quickly identify personalized, relevant advice and products for clients. The bank had more than 250 pieces of investment research produced and uploaded daily to the system, but most advisors have time to familiarize themselves with only 15-20 documents. It was impossible to sift through all the materials, contextualize them, and figure out which was most relevant for each of their 2,000 customers. The time it took to identify solutions meant lower productivity and missed opportunities to connect with clients.

Search is central to a financial advisor’s workflow and is used to transition into other investment, trading, or service workflows. 

Lucidworks knew advisors needed to quickly unlock the correlations between client’s interests and behavior patterns. With Fusion, the company was able to generate a prioritized list of actionable insights and analytics to help them quickly identify the Next Best Action for each individual customer. Financial advisors can now prioritize what customers should buy or sell a particular investment based on trends and patterns in accounts, providing that “you-know-me” type of experience clients expect. “Next Best Action” automates time-sensitive decision making and improves efficiency for advisors so they sell more targeted client services in less time. All of this resulted in deeper relationships with clients and increased revenue. 

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Oil and Gas Giant Extracts Insights from 150 Years of Valuable Data 

One of the world’s largest oil and gas companies had information that went back 150 years spread across paper, databases, applications, emails, personal and shared drives, all around the world. Because employees couldn’t find the data they needed, they started squirreling it away, eventually growing the knowledgebase to 250 million documents. Finding the most up to date, accurate version across the 28 different tools the company had deployed was tough. Some data wasn’t indexed and other sources were more than a terabyte large, which is too difficult to index. Even when the tools returned good results, people didn’t trust the results—and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, the data is useless. 

Lucidworks came in with the task of creating a compelling data experience by using analytics to connect information silos, create an agile catalog of context and relevance, and enable users to extract relevant business knowledge across all historical databases. Fusion was able to analyze millions of documents via natural language processing (NLP) in English, French, German, Russian, enable information retrieval across data sources, and facilitate discovery of new information via triggers based on specific interests saved by users. With the deployment, exploration teams are able to leverage the wealth of data being generated, and quickly retrieve accurate information when they need it, which ultimately leads to better decision-making and cost savings.

​AI-Powered Research Portal Helps Physicians Diagnose and Care for Patients 

AllMedx envisioned a Google for doctors. They knew doctors were frustrated with conventional search engines like Google and Bing because results were often diluted with unreliable content that was intended for consumers and patients. AllMedx felt that physicians and other healthcare professionals could benefit from a search tool that sourced its content solely from MD-vetted articles, high-impact medical journals, and other select, reputable clinical sources. The goal was to eliminate irrelevant, consumer-type pieces that would be of little-to-no value to physicians looking for answers to clinical, point-of-care questions. 

After AllMedx built a highly-structured corpus based on extensive medical-content expertise, they needed to make it easy to search. Using Fusion’s ML algorithms, search results are customized for each user. User testing allows AllMedx to fine-tune query pipelines and optimize users’ search experience. With Fusion, AllMedx can confidently support its physician users by providing access to over 12 million vetted documents through AI-powered search. Based on physician user feedback, the AllMedx team is confident the site will increase access to critical, clinical point-of-care information that will help improve patient care.

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Discover What AI-Powered Digital Transformation Means For You 

The peak of these digital experiences across all verticals is individualization, or the ability to predict each user’s intent. This is where you finally abandon thousands of manually managed rules and instead leverage not only predictive analytics, but machine learning, signals, and natural language processing. Together, all of these technologies empower your search to be so much more than a tiny box in the corner of the screen. 

And the search box isn’t the only part of the digital experience that’s ripe for transformation—how smart is your chatbot? One of the most valuable and universal improvements you can make for your business is to launch a smart chatbot solution. Lucidworks Smart Answers is a chatbot enhancer that applies all of the natural language processing, machine learning, and signals collecting inherent in Fusion to the chatbot experience. Better self-service with a smart chatbot provides users with speedy service and frees up support and helpdesk agents to focus on complex, outlier cases. Customers are satisfied and employees are more engaged with their work. 

Whether it’s a blank search box or a smarter virtual assistant, Lucidworks Fusion provides enterprise-grade capabilities to design, develop, and deploy intelligent search applications at any scale, and has been recognized by leading independent technology research and advisory firms Forrester and Gartner. Companies across the Global 2000 rely on Lucidworks every day to power their consumer-facing and enterprise search applications. Interested in figuring out how you can get more from your search?

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