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Click HERE to Order by Joel CommNo, my site was not attacked by a spammer. This is still Doug writing this post and I’m doing it under my own free will.

Have you ever hit a web page that advertises that they’re going to reveal all the secrets of the problems you’re looking to solve? The page starts with some incredibly written, formulaic text that sucks you in, bold images, compelling testimonials… pulling you down the page until you are magically lifting your credit card from your pocket.

When I worked in the direct mail business, I watched Pat Coyle craft long copy letters that achieved incredible response rates. I believe friend and copywriter Erik Deckers is a fan and writer of long copy as well. Regardless of the actual product, the talent of these writers is incredible… you’re almost hypnotized by the end of the letter.

For some marketers, this kind of copy writing is repulsive and, at times, they believe it to be deceitful. I can’t say that I agree. I can easily recognize it when I see it, but sometimes it’s hard to turn away. I’ve downloaded (and paid) for a couple of ebooks in my time – and I believe I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

Many of these folks are information marketers, wheeling and dealing in ebooks, webinars and conferences. They open up with some free taste that sucks you in and can cost you tens of thousands of dollars by the time you’ve left their conference.

Cost is relative, though… if you’ve got the promotional talent of these folks and you’re willing to put everything you have into it… you can make a lot of money. As I view the readership of my blog and sites, I could be giving up a lot of money by not following in Joel’s footsteps and becoming an information marketer myself.

Most people associate being an Internet Millionaire with the dot-com craze of the late 1990’s… But a small band of Internet Marketing Pioneers were quietly making their fortunes online before anyone Yahoo’d or Googled the term “making money online”. Many of them built their empires around four simple but extremely powerful words… Click HERE to Order.

Joel Comm’s New York Times Best Seller, Click HERE to Order, is not a marketing script or a book on how to become a millionaire. Instead, it’s a fascinating look at the earliest history of the Internet and the folks who first profited there – some of them you’ve never heard of. As Mark Joyner states, “Here is a small group of people who, at the beginning of a technological revolution, saw opportunity and grabbed it.”

There are Internet Marketers and Internet Marketers. I know they sound the same, but often one group looks at the other like a private school kid snarling at someone from public school. In this case, though, it’s often the public school kid that wins… moving huge profits in nontraditional ways. It almost sounds as though it’s not on the up and up… but the engagement is all voluntary and it’s quite a large industry.

I don’t look down at these Internet Marketers at all. Let’s take a look at history and, for example, compare Corey Rudl (RIP) to, it’s clear who had the staying power and the talent. It’s also clear who wasted their money and squandered their revenue. I’m quite in awe of these entrepreneurs’ talents at growing incredible businesses, cross-converting traffic to one another (rather than compete), mentoring and educating each other on what works and flawlessly utilizing every tool at their disposal to test and produce copy that converts.

I’m not a Marketing purist who scoffs at these entrepreneurs, I think their tenacity and stories are fascinating. Joel’s book is story after story of some of the most successful of internet marketers. Stories of guys staying up all night mastering their craft, falling asleep at work, getting fired and then becoming millionaires are great inspiration for any entrepreneur. Reading the stories gets your blood pumping! The average CMO or Director of Marketing could learn a lot from this group.

On Tuesday night I finished Super Crunchers on the plane to San Francisco and I finished Click HERE to Order this morning on the flight back – all 279 pages. It’s a great read – be sure to pick it up when you get a chance.

I even feel an ebook in my near future!

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