Introducing Creative Factory: Mobile Ads Just Got A Lot Easier

Mobile advertising continues to be one of the fastest growing and most challenging sectors of the global marketing economy. According to the ad-buying agency Magna, digital advertising will surpass traditional TV advertising this year (thanks largely to mobile advertising). By 2021, mobile advertising will have increased to $215 billion, or 72 percent of total digital ad-buy budgets.

So how can your brand stand out in the noise? With AI targeting a commodity the only way to grab attention is to deliver engaging creative.

Yet consumers often see mobile ads being served today as annoying or invasive. That same Forrester study found consumers reporting that 73 percent of the mobile advertisements seen in a typical day fail to create a positive user experience. For marketers, this means that their mobile ads are often underperforming. On average, $0.55 of every dollar spent on mobile ad campaigns is not producing tangible positive value for the organization.

That’s why we’ve developed Creative Factory™, a drag-and-drop mobile ad studio that allows brands, creative agencies, publishers and ad tech companies alike to create engaging ads for both mobile and desktop. This sophisticated self-service platform harnesses HTML5 to deliver results-driven ads quickly and efficiently with no coding knowledge required and at a cost-effective price. Each ad is different, adaptive to its surrounding, and most importantly, engaging and story telling.

The platform’s deep set of features and sub-features allows every ad to be unique and every campaign to stand out. The platform uses widgets and actions to replace coding; Drag and Drop, Preview on Device, Templates, and Open Canvas mode are the building blocks of the platform. Features include: Outstream Video, Dynamic Creatives, Location, Games & Logic, Responsive and Cross Screen, and more.

Creative Factory is self-service and easy to use, incorporating three main principles:

  1. Widgets: take away the need to code
  2. Triggers: define when something occurs
  3. Action: determine what activity occurs.

By celebrating these three principals, any designer can create sophisticated, responsive and engaging HTML5 Ads.

We believe that putting professional-grade authoring solutions in the hands of all marketers, big or small, will allow ads to be more engaging and therefore more effective, and this is incredibly important in an age where banner blindness and ad blockers make it harder and harder to reach audiences at all.

Ad blocking is a real challenge for the industry. A BI Intelligence report found that mobile traffic sees three times more ad blocking globally than desktop. This poses a major threat to digital media companies that depend on advertising for revenue. If ad blocking on mobile reaches desktop levels, US digital media companies could lose out on as much as $9.7 billion across digital ad formats next year.

Creative Factory, our second generation product, has been honed with years of feedback from our customers and is designed to both ease and make more efficient the process of creating rich media ads while offering a complex set of features to allow endless creative options. We believe it’s a win-win outcome for brands and consumers alike.

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