Building Your Business Through Listening Online

We’re on site in Tennessee with a company we’re assisting through a strategic branding partner, Thaddeus Rex. Wonder Laboratories is an American company that manufactures and distributes nutritional supplements and vitamins.

Wonder Laboratories has been around for over 25 years – starting with catalog sales and now moving online. The venture is a personal one for the owners of the company to help people get healthier. They’re not in the high-pressure sales nutrition industry, they really care about their customers.

Thaddeus is going to help them craft and get their unique message out there – but here’s an amazing example of online listening and how it’s helping them help their customers. They were seeing more questions online and referrals coming through their analytics on customers looking to get B12 supplements for dogs suffering from digestive issues.

Specifically, the issue is Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, a terribly debilitating and difficult to diagnose issue with pets.

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) impairs an animal’s ability to digest and absorb the nutrients available in food. Because of insufficient digestive enzymes created by the pancreas, food passes through the body basically undigested. Animals with EPI eat voraciously because they are not able to gain nourishment from the food they do ingest. Via Wonder Labs PET Factor B-12 formula

Wonder Laboratories had a B-12 offering but it was for people, not animals. The founders of the company saw referring traffic from the EPI foundation’s site and reached out to the community. They were able to quickly work with the EPI foundation to design a custom blend of the B-12 product specifically for pets. As a result, Wonder Laboratories is now a leading supplier of the nutritional supplement for pets as a result.

This is an amazing example of monitoring referral traffic to identify opportunities to grow your business. I just wanted to share this quick example of the value of listening online. I think this is an amazing example of how a company listened, responded, and set up a new revenue stream. Now Wonder Labs is looking at other pet issues where their nutritional supplements could be of value.




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