Meltwater Buzz Updates: Curation, Value and Authority

People often ask me how in the world we’re able to find and write about so many marketing technologies out there. It is true that we get pitched quite a bit by public relations professionals, but Martech Zone isn’t a news site – we’re a site to help marketers find technology they can leverage. Many of the tools we share have been around for a while – but they share a methodology or feature that we believe is valuable to the audience.

What we used to do haphazardly with Google Alerts, we now do with our partners at Meltwater. Meltwater Buzz emails are packed with incredible information… often tools and platforms that we’ve never shared before. And we find out about the technology in real-time, not in weeks.

This helps us on a number of fronts:

  1. Competitors – we provide our clients with information about new and existing competitors, helping them prepare and position their own products in line with them.
  2. Statistics – not only are we becoming more knowledgeable as we read use cases, customer stories and news about marketing, we’re able to pass that information on to our clients and readers.
  3. Discoveries – of course, this is the meat of Martech – we share posts on marketing technology that no one else features… no one.

In this post, I’m not going to share about Meltwater Buzz the web platform… just the alerts we receive. Each email starts out with a descriptor of the natural query used and the sources that had information. I’ll show you a weekend version so it’s not as heavy. Here’s a campaign we have setup for Mobile Marketing.

We are searching for mobile marketing and a boolean combination of either platform or technology. We’ve added some additional words to clean up the results and get things like job postings out of the result. The email shows us that there were 2 blog posts, 2 mentions on Twitter and 2 mentions on Facebook. Immediately below is a conversation cloud that applies some weight to the phrases.

The next section provides the results with some weighting of the popularity (in views) and authority (rank) of the results. You can see a crappy mention up top has 0 popularity and 0 rank – easy to ignore. Then there’s a mention of our Mobile Marketing Infographic – how cool is that? Another article by ShopperTrak raises awareness on some fascinating behaviors of teens and mobile marketing from Pew Research.

The gold nugget; however, was a Facebook Page update about a limited free copy (Kindle Only) of Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Digital Marketing from WSI. I was able to pass on the offer to all of our readers and clients.

With a single email from Meltwater Buzz, I was able to educate myself on teen mobile marketing habits, thank a follower for sharing our infographic, and send a fantastic ebook to all of our followers. That’s one email on a weekend! Imagine what you could do for your company and your customers with this ability!

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