Mobile Marketing: See The True Potential With These Examples

Mobile marketing – it is something that you may have heard of, but, quite possibly, are leaving on the back burner for now. After all, there are so many different channels available for businesses, isn’t mobile marketing one that can be ignored?

Sure – you can concentrate on the 33% of people who don’t use mobile devices instead. The use of mobile devices globally is expected to grow to 67% by 2019, and we are not far off that right now. If you would rather not ignore such a large portion of the market, you need to take notice of mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing Makes Sense For Clients

When was the last time that you went anywhere without your smartphone? Or went somewhere that no one else had one? Mobile devices, especially smartphones, provide us with the information we need in a convenient manner.

We can use apps, virtual assistants, and even check our emails. Our devices don’t often leave our side. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to market your business to people on their phones?

Mobile Marketing Makes Sense for Companies

For a relatively low outlay, you can create a wide range of campaigns that will suit your market and your budget.

A well-designed app can help to drive sales. ASDA did this to its advantage when it came to bolstering online sales. Its app was downloaded 2 million times, proving that clients were willing to engage with the company. Sales through the app are 1.8 times higher than they are on a desktop computer.

Overall, the project proved successful.

But apps are not a suitable solution for every company. What do you focus on then?

Responsive Mobile Design

Walmart reduced its overall load time from 7.2 seconds to 2.3 seconds. That doesn’t sound too impressive until you understand that around 53% of people bounce off a site that takes longer than three seconds to load.

By just optimizing photos, changing the fonts, and removing Java blocking, Walmart was able to reduce the load time of the site. Did it pay off? Considering that conversion rates increased by 2%, it certainly did.

Nissan took the responsive design to the next level by creating an interactive video. If you saw something you liked, a simple tap on the screen would be enough to bring up all the pertinent details. The campaign was highly successful with a completion rate of 78% and an engagement rate of 93%.

Mobile marketing is a powerful tool that offers marketers a range of new approaches that are highly effective both in terms of impact and cost to the company. It encompasses a lot more than just apps or optimized websites, though.

Here is what else you could consider for your business:

If, as a business, you want the maximum ROI when it comes to your marketing spend, mobile marketing offers you a way to reach out to clients at a relatively low cost. It is time for your company to start embracing the power of this highly effective tool.

Check out this amazing infographic, How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing to Their Advantage.

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