Old Spice Inspires: When in Doubt, Go Dumb

Sometimes, I love marketing and developing long-term strategies that change the perception of a business, increase the reception of a brand, drive sales, and skyrocket a company’s success. Today isn’t one of them.

The online marketing world is ablaze at the brilliant strategy of the Old Spice guy.

If you’re one of the few that hadn’t heard, the Old Spice guy is hard at work answering Tweets through his YouTube channel personally. He’s responding to people with huge followings and those with a small following (but mostly the HUGE following).

Are we really that shallow and dumb? Throw a nice-looking guy with great voice inflection in a towel and give him some snarky comebacks, and the world looks at it as pure genius. Is this original? Isn’t this simply the Go Daddy boob campaigns re-invented? Is it really that amazing?

Twilight? Sex and the City? Frogs in Beer Commercials? Go Daddy Boobs? Old Spice guy? Maybe we should all quit trying to be so damn intelligent and dumb it down a little.

PS: I am that shallow and dumb. I love these commercials, and I’m being a total hypocrite. However, I will stand by the fact that I haven’t smelled Old Spice since seeing my Dad get it as a stocking stuffer in the 70’s. I don’t think he ever used it. It begs the question:

Is this campaign actually selling more Old Spice?

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