Remove Image Backgrounds from Headshots, People, and Objects Flawlessly with AI

If you’re not following Joel Comm, do it. Now. Joel is one of my favorite resources for technology. He’s blunt, honest, and incredibly transparent. Not a day goes by that I’m not checking in to what he’s discovered next… and he let everyone know about a new tool online,

The tool utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze images with people and then accurately and finitely remove the background. Here’s a test that I just uploaded to I wanted to give it a challenging test with no close-ups and plenty of background details.

Remove the Background from a Photo of a Group of People

And here’s the amazing result:

The engine even removed the bicycle! The modified photo also adjusted the size and margins to center the image vertically and horizontally. Simply amazing!

Remove the Background from a Headshot

Remove the Background from a Logo or other Object

While was initially designed for removing backgrounds from headshots and people, they’ve evolved their algorithms so that you can upload virtually any image to the service, and it will cleanly remove the background. I’ve used it several times for this, and it’s worked fantastic!

Remove Photo Background Tools & API

Pricing options include subscription plans and pay-as-you-go.

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