Izotope RX: How to Remove Background Noise from Your Voice Recordings

Izotope RX6 Voice De-Noise

There’s nothing more aggravating than returning home from an event, putting your studio headphones on, and figuring out that there was a ton of background noise in your recordings. That’s just what happened to me. I did a series of podcast recording at an event and opted for lavalier microphones and a Zoom H6 recorder.

We didn’t have a dedicated studio space to record, we just sat at a table far away from the crowds… but it didn’t help at all. If I had my mixer and some studio microphones, I could have tuned out much of the background but these lavalier mics picked up every little sound! I was crushed.

So, we did some testing with Audacity’s tools for removing background sounds but if we tweaked the settings, the voice started to sound wonky. I posted the issue on my favorite podcast forum and my amazing friend, Jen Edds immediately recommended Izotope RX6, a stand-alone tool for repairing audio files.

Without any training or even watching a Youtube video, I popped my terrible audio track in the tool, clicked Voice De-noise, and almost wet my pants as I listened to the background noise simply disappear!

Izotope RX Voice De-noise

If you think I’m making this up… I went ahead and shared a snippet of the results. Absolutely startling! Side note – I didn’t narrate this in my studio, I just used a desktop mic on Garageband… so don’t judge me.

Izotope RX6 Voice De-noise is currently on sale for $99 from $129. This is a must for any podcaster who finds themselves struggling with background noise in their recording – from clicks, to hums, to clipping, and more. I just utilized the adaptive mode and presets, but you can actually work on your audio file as if it were in Photoshop with a number of built in tools.

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