VideoAsk: Build Engaging, Interactive, Personal, Asynchronous Video Funnels

Last week I was filling out an influencer survey for a product that I thought was worth promoting and the survey that was requested was done via video. It was extremely engaging… On the left side of my screen, I was asked questions by a company representative… on the right side, I clicked and responded with my answer.

My responses were timed and I had the ability to re-record responses if I wasn’t comfortable with them. Rather than filling out a boring form, I was able to provide a spirited response and the entire process just took a few minutes. It was so cool that I had to figure out who it was… the company is called VideoAsk and is a product from the innovative folks at Typeform.

VideoAsk Video Funnels

With VideoAsk, you can get face-to-face with your prospects, customers, or audience through asynchronous video.

The platform fully integrates with Typeform and has all the innovative user experience elements you’d expect. To get started, you just:

  1. Add Your Video – record from your webcam, an uploaded video, a screenshare, or your online library.
  2. Select An Answer Type – Simple survey uplaods, calendar booking, payments (integrated with Stripe), file uploads, multiple choices, ratings, text, video, or audio responses are all available.
  3. Share your VideoAsk – Once you’re visited, you can share your link anywhere, embed it in an email, add it to your website as a widget, or embed it in an iframe.

As with any response tool, you can include conditional content and even redirect people to another URL during your funnel flow.

If you think that VideoAsk is going to require you to wade through videos to review your responses, think again. ALl of your conversations are converted using speech-to-text transcription with their AI-powered platform. Scripts are available in English, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Swedish, Russian, and Turkish.

You can also integrate your responses via Zapier into external platforms. As well, you can track your responses, conversions, integrate your Google Analytics ID, or Facebook Pixel. The platform includes filters for responses, provides drop-off rates, landings, views, and completions.

You can even utilize VideoAsk as a chatbot on your site to capture feedback!

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Disclosure: Martech Zone is an affiliate of VideoAsk and Typeform and I’m using my links in this article.

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