Is Your Business Taking Advantage of Social Video?

social media video guide

This morning we posted Why Your Business Should Make Use of Video in Marketing. One outlet for use of video that’s driving incredible engagement and results are social video sites, with a huge rise in use and viewership. Companies are taking advantage of these strategies and producing some simple and amazing results that are getting watched more, shared more, and driving deeper understanding of their brand and higher conversion rates.

Besides Youtube, there are many other video platforms. Vine, Vimeo, Google+ Hangouts and Instagram are all great places to share video and participate in the social aspect of e-marketing with hashtags and meta-information. Dive into the world of social video today! Connect with people while adding to available dialogue on your company and brand with relatable, fun and effective video campaigns. Megan Rigger, Sigma Web Marketing.

Some large companies may be tempted to host video on their own but we wouldn’t advise that. Here’s a breakdown of the top social video sites and corresponding audience statistics. With a large investment, you may overcome the challenges of hosting – but you’ll never catch up on the audience opportunity these sites provide:

  • Youtube is the second most visited site in the world and the second largest search engine – with over 1 billion monthly visits and over 6 billion hours of video watched each month.
  • Vimeo provides businesses with an attractive alternative to Youtube. Over 250,000 sites utilize Vimeo.
  • Google Hangouts have recently been incorporated into Google Apps and are an easy way to share live demos and interviews, then share them for later.
  • Instagram started as a photosharing site but now supports video. By October of 2013, 40% of the most-shared videos were created by brands.
  • Vine is sort of the Twitter of video (and owned by Twitter), allowing for short videos to be shared. They don’t have a long life, though!