VideoPeel: Remotely Capture, Manage, and Promote Customer Testimonial Videos for Social Proof

When it comes to ordering products and services online, I’m a huge fan. Not a week goes by that I’m not getting some package delivered, and my recycle bin is often overflowing with shipment boxes. I appreciate that I can pick up my mobile phone, open an app, and get the needed products in days or even hours.

The downside to ordering from brands you’ve never worked with is trusting that the product or service is of quality and accurately described. Nowadays, I depend less on written customer reviews and ratings and more on customer testimonial videos. With a video, I can immediately tell if the customer is real, I can experience the product or the result of the services, and I can make a far more educated and trusted purchase decision.

Customer testimonials and review videos are far more powerful. As a business, though, collecting customer testimonial videos has been a happenstance rather than a strategy because of the gap in technology. With a platform to capture these videos like VideoPeel, this user-generated content (UGC) can (and should) be deployed as a strategy.

VideoPeel Video Reviews Platform

VideoPeel enables brands to capture social proof videos remotely from their customers and share them at the right moment to make your buyer’s journey more authentic. Here’s an overview of the platform:

With VideoPeel, you can customize your campaign, design your mobile-optimized landing page, request the videos, get permission to use them, and then manage and distribute them. Here’s a sample screenshot of a campaign landing page soliciting a customer’s video review. There’s no need to download an application; the customer can simply click a link from a text message, email, website, QR code, or direct message to record and upload their video:

Permissions are included in the upload process, so the customer agrees you can utilize the video for your marketing efforts. You can even have them upload images and provide permission via a recorded checkbox or digital signature.

VideoPeel provides a single, centralized dashboard for you to tag, publish, or download all of the responses. You can view analytics on the impressions and plays, automatically transcribe the videos, and collaborate with other teams like social media, sales, and marketing on utilizing the videos.

By increasing your brand or product’s authenticity, you can directly increase conversion rates through a cost-effective means to collect and publish customer videos at scale.

Our consumers have an aversion to the staged, to the inauthentic. The content we’ve acquired through VideoPeel isn’t only proven to convert, it’s a real way to connect with the amazing parents who have built our brand so we can make them feel as special as they are.

Lee Kantz, Director DTC eCommerce, Itzy Ritzy

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