6 Examples Of Marketing Tools Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming one of the most popular marketing buzzwords. And for good reason – AI can help us automate repetitive tasks, personalize marketing efforts, and make better decisions, faster!

When it comes to increasing brand visibility, AI can be used for a number of different tasks, including influencer marketing, content creation, social media management, lead generation, SEO, image editing, and more.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best AI tools for marketers that can improve campaign conversions, maximize efficiency, and boost website visibility:

AI-Driven Influencer Marketing

IMAI is an AI-driven influencer marketing platform that allows us to find the right influencers for a brand, track their performance, and measure the ROI. The key ingredient in IMAI is its powerful AI influencer discovery tool that is able to search and gather data on the most niche influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. 

AI provides an opportunity for brands to find and target most niche influencers within their industry. AIs ability to quickly discover influencers allows IMAI to have one of the most robust databases.

Amra Beganovich, CEO of a digital marketing agency Amra & Elma

For example, a car manufacturer who wants to discover automobile influencers only interested in sports cars would be able to find niche potential brand ambassadors using an AI without having to manually search for them on social media. This ability to zone in on the talent that most corresponds to a brand’s target demographic helps increase influencer conversions and maximize campaign ROI. 

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AI-Driven Content Creation

Quillbot is an AI-powered writing assistant that can help create better content, faster. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyze text and offer suggestions on how to improve a piece of writing. For example, Quillbot can suggest alternative words or phrases, suggest synonyms, or even provide grammar tips.

Utilizing AI to assist with content creation allows us to improve marketability and personalization of our website and social media content. For instance, AI allows us to increase the appeal of a landing page or a blog post by making suggestions on words or expressions that may sound too monotone and boring. 

Eliza Medley, content manager for Hostinger

Quillbot has a number of features that can help including a style guide, a plagiarism checker, and a readability score. The AI can offer guidance on re-wording articles or sentences and making them more intriguing.  

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AI-Driven Social Media Management

MeetEdgar is an AI-powered social media management tool that helps automate social media postings. It allows us to create content buckets based on topics, keywords, or even hashtags. The software then fills those buckets with content from a variety of sources, including RSS feeds, blogs, and articles.

Staying on top of trends provides brands with an opportunity to create meaningful content for their audience. By utilizing an AI to gather the most recent industry-relevant data, we can optimize our social media strategy to better connect with our audience. 

Reynald Fasciaux, COO of Studocu

MeetEdgar allows us to also schedule our posts in advance, and it ensures that our content is posted at the best times for engagement. For example, if we have a blog post that we want to share on social media, MeetEdgar will allow us to first optimize it for the most interesting and recent industry news, and then it will share the post at a specific time based on audience activity patterns. 

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AI-Driven Lead Generation

LeadiQ is an AI-powered lead generation tool that helps us find and qualify leads, faster.

LeadiQ uses a number of different data sources to find leads, including social media, job boards, and business directories. Once LeadIQ has found a lead, it will use NLP to analyze the lead’s online presence and score the lead based on their likelihood of being interested in our product or service.

Using an AI to automate business development efforts provides an opportunity to further strengthen the quality of relationships between brands and customers. It provides an opportunity to focus more on the human aspect of those relationships by saving time on the manual and sometimes very cumbersome client discovery process. 

Berina Karic, a marketing manager at Top Influencer Marketing Agency

LeadiQ can be used to set up automatic lead nurturing campaigns, so we can continue to engage with our leads even if they’re not ready to buy right away. For example, we can set up the software to send a series of emails to a lead over time, or even give them a call if they haven’t responded to your emails.

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AI-Driven Search Engine Optimization

Moz Pro is an AI-powered Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool that helps improve websites ranking in search engines.

Moz Pro uses a number of different data sources to analyze a website and offer suggestions on how to improve a brand’s SEO. 

Moz allows us to zone in on the low difficulty terms, and discover niche keywords that may be overlooked by competitors. This provides an opportunity to develop a content marketing strategy that is based on an analytical approach rather than guessing, i.e. creating posts or landing pages that in theory sound good but may not receive traffic. 

Chris Zacher, Content Marketing Strategist at Intergrowth

Moz Pro assists in finding the most efficient keywords to target, provide suggestions for improving the website’s title and meta tags, and tracks rankings over time. It has a number of other features that can help improve a brand’s SEO, including a link-building tool, a site audit tool, and a competitive analysis tool.

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AI-Driven Photo Editing

Luminar AI is a photo editor that utilizes AI to simplify photo editing and make it accessible for beginners or photographers looking to quickly edit at scale. It offers users the ability to create Photoshop-like images with just a few clicks by automatically reading the image and identifying various aspects of it, including background, face features, clothing, and more.

Luminar provides an opportunity for non-Photoshop experts to create exceptional pieces of content that are more likely to receive engagement and conversions. With just a few clicks, we can adjust the background of an image, smooth skin, brighten eyes, and complete other tasks that would traditionally require hours of editing. 

llija Sekulov, Digital Marketing & SEO at Mailbutler

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The Future of AI in Marketing 

AI tools can significantly improve marketing efforts by allowing marketers to improve efficiency, increase visibility, boost conversions, and more! They are quickly becoming a part of our everyday marketing efforts and are likely to expand into a multitude of tasks we complete when growing a brand. By utilizing AI to optimize our campaigns, we can automate tasks, personalize marketing, and ultimately make better decisions, faster! 

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