Content Marketing: The Game

Content Marketing is not rocket science, but it does require some research, skill and strategy to maximize the benefits. At its base, we ensure our clients are writing relevant, recent and frequent content about topics of interest. We ensure that we have the basics of a path to engagement – content leads to a call to action which leads to a conversion. And we ensure that the client isn’t just writing blog posts – they’re writing and producing on an array of mediums and media types to reach their targets.

There are some hard and fast rules for playing and winning at content marketing – such as only create original content and link to other authoritative, popular content – but it really doesn’t matter whether you start with web articles, blogs, email, video… they all end up working together, so start with what you are most comfortable with. The important part is to write for your audience, share valuable information and become a reliable resource.

This infographic from SocialEars, a social listening and influence analysis solution that helps customers analyze, write, publish, and promote the content that’s going to attract customers.

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