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You’ll find artificial intelligence (AI-powered) transcriptions in virtually every audio and video platform nowadays. When DK New Media designed an enterprise migration to a new CRM and marketing platform for an international non-profit a few years ago, we started with a week of discovery meetings with the staff from leadership down to each employee. After the sessions, we exported all our meeting recordings, sent them off to transcription services, and reviewed and summarized them when they returned. It took days to accumulate and organize the information.

Now, tools like are doing it in minutes with the GPT. The platform has emerged as an AI-powered audio, video, and meeting transcription industry leader. Accurate transcription is essential for keeping records and ensuring that critical details are not lost. But doesn’t stop there. Businesses need tools to process information rapidly, handle multiple languages, and provide intelligent insights to drive decisions and actions. goes beyond basic transcription with accurate transcription, fast processing, multi-language support, meeting summaries, conversation intelligence, topic tracking, and sentiment analysis. The platform leverages the power of AI to revolutionize how you understand, analyze, and optimize your meetings, podcasts, and videos.

These capabilities can provide meaningful insight into your conversations and clarity to ensure expectations are set by all in attendance. Here’s how it can benefit your organization: Your Meeting Companion is your meeting companion, equipped with a wide range of features to address the multifaceted challenges of business communication. The platform comes with an AI assistant, Fred, who can be invited to meetings or set to auto-join calls on your calendar, helping with tasks such as recording, transcribing, and summarizing conversations.

Here’s how conversation intelligence and transcription can help across various use cases: is designed to integrate into your workflow seamlessly. If you’re using Google Workspace or Outlook, can directly join your meetings, automating the transcription process. Or you can drag and drop your own MP3, M4A, WAV, or MP4 files for transcription, providing unparalleled flexibility in managing your meeting content. Sample Podcast Summary

I wanted to test out so I uploaded our latest podcast, and it did a phenomenal job. It identified the speakers, analyzed sentiment, and even classified key things like questions, pricing, metrics, tasks, and dates & times. While those aren’t all relevant to a podcast, it’s still pretty impressive! You can even search your transcript and listen directly to the audio.

Empower your business communication with and unlock the true potential of your meetings. Transcribe smarter, decide faster, and stay ahead of the competition. When you sign up for free with, it comes preloaded with transcription and storage credits. Transcribe your first meeting, audio, or video for free today.

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