How Much Do Infographics Cost?

Businesses that publish infographics have 12% greater traffic volume

What is an Infographic?

Most content marketers think an infographic is simply wrapping a ton of data and statistics around a given premise. Ugh… we see these all over the web and rarely share them unless there’s something incredibly compelling about some of the stats found. We believe a balanced infographic tells a complex story, visually provides supporting research, is optimized for viewing on different sites and devices, and culminates in a compelling call to action to drive the viewer to a decision.

What Factors Impact the Cost of an Infographic?

There’s a ton of work involved in every infographic we develop, but we’re still priced reasonably well compared to other companies. Infographics can vary in pricing widely – from a few hundred dollars for design to tens of thousands of dollars for the full production, promotion, and pitching. Here are the types of questions you must ask when having an agency develop your next infographic.

Case Study: Closet52

Closet52 is a destination for women to buy dresses online. With a new domain, we were challenged with acquiring more search traffic for our Shopify client and knew an infographic could kickstart their domain. After doing some research, we identified that no one had ever done an infographic on the history of dresses, so we designed and published one.

The infographic quickly took off and ranks on page one for multiple keywords, including dresses through history, dresses throughout history, and history women’s fashion. The infographic brought hundreds of new visitors to the site with a low bounce rate and high engagement. Additionally, it was shared multiple times on social media and backlinked from multiple sites.

When we published it, we simultaneously portioned out micrographics for social media sharing. We also coded the associated Shopify blog template and embedded actual products within the content to drive conversions as well.

So How Much Does an Infographic Cost?

For a single infographic, we charge a project rate of $5,000 (US) that includes promotion (no pitching or ad purchases) and returns all assets to our clients. A quarterly infographic drops the cost of the infographics to $4,000 each. A monthly infographic drops the cost to $3,000 because of the efficiencies we can build into the process.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments – or if you would like to get started! We also have agency pricing, where we develop infographics for other agencies – both public relations and design. Contact us for details.

What’s the ROI of an Infographic?

Infographics are magical pieces of content. Infographics can provide both data or also help explain a complex process.

The return on investment on an Infographic isn’t measured in days or weeks; it’s often measured in months and years. We’ve had clients who have told us several years later that they are still the top pages visited on their website.

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