How Much Does Explainer Video Production Cost?

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My agency has outsourced quite a few explainer video jobs for our clients. We've gotten some amazing results over the years when using them, but the prices have varied greatly. While an explainer video may seem pretty straight forward, there are quite a lot of moving parts to put together an effective explainer video:

  • Script – a script that identifies the problem, provides a solution, differentiates the brand, and compels the viewer to take action after they watch the video.
  • Illustration – characters and scenes must be carefully designed to connect with the viewer emotionally.
  • Voiceover – a professional voiceover is worth its weight in gold, bringing your script to life and engaging with your viewer.
  • Sound – sound effects and background music that's professionally mixed with the audio and flawlessly matched to the animation is essential.
  • Animation – animation that's smooth, consistent, and timed well will bring the vision together.

The majority of animation studios charge per video minute since the effort is consistent with the required output. That doesn't mean a 5-minute video will be 2.5 times the cost of a 1-minute video, there are some savings the longer you go. However, the longer your explainer is, the more you may negatively impact the performance of your explainer video. A great explainer video should be chiseled down and compressed to only the exact explanation that is illustrated.

And when it comes to cost, Andre Oentoro of Breadnbeyond provides the following advice.

Choosing the cheapest one doesn’t always mean getting the worst results, and paying a premium price doesn’t guarantee satisfaction either.

How to Choose the Right Explainer Video Production Company

  1. Budget – Filter to find companies that charge within your budget.
  2. Review – Take a look at their portfolios and pick the ones you like.
  3. Communicate – Send details about what you want for your explainer video.
  4. Quote – Ask for a quote.
  5. Expectation – Clearly set an expectation for what you are going to pay.

You may want to check to see whether or not they'll discount future explainers since branding and illustration expenses are incorporated into the first video. You may also want to ask if there are any savings if you provide the script, the illustrations, the music or any other aspect. Don't forget that explainer video companies only provide you with the output video, not the raw animation. If you require edits, you have to return and get an additional quote.

Keep in mind that, unless you've got some experience, explainer video designer experience is part of the payment – they may know better than you do!

How Much Does an Explainer Cost?

In this infographic from Breadnbeyond, The Complete Insider's Guide to Choosing the Best Explainer Video Productions Company, the company illustrates the process and detailed steps on how to find the best company to work with. One aspect of the infographic that's provided, too, is the cost per major explainer video companies. The range is substantial – between $1,000 and $35,0000 per explainer video. Most of our clients' projects that we've outsourced have fallen in the $10,000 range for a 90-second explainer.

Here's the full infographic with explainer video production company pricing from Wizmotions, Gisteo, Hound Studio, Breadnbeyond, Simple Story Videos, Fire Starter Videos, DemoDuck, Epipheo, Explainify, and IdeaRocket. We've also utilized Yum Yum Videos who are priced about the same as Epipheo.

How much does an Explainer Video Cost?


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    Going with a company in a developing country is a gamble. Even the ones trusted to work on shows like the Simpsons or Venture Brothers or channels like Disney or Nickelodeon, end up with a good amount of their work being fixed by artists in the states.

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      As with any global services, there are great ones and terrible companies everywhere. We’ve honestly not seen a correlation with regard to the origin of the company. We’ve had good and bad luck in the states as well.

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