Planview IdeaPlace: Innovation and Ideation Management

Staying ahead of the curve requires a proactive approach to innovation and ideation management. That’s where Planview comes in, offering a comprehensive solution to address the challenges organizations face in harnessing the power of innovation.

Innovation is the lifeblood of any successful organization, but it often comes with challenges. Many organizations struggle with disconnected ideation processes, where ideas are generated but fail to be implemented due to a lack of visibility and structure. Efficiently allocating resources to the most promising ideas is a challenge, often leading to resource wastage on ideas with limited potential. Engaging employees and stakeholders in the innovation process can be a hurdle, resulting in missed opportunities for valuable input.

Planview’s Solution

Planview offers a robust innovation and ideation management platform that tackles these challenges head-on. It connects ideation to strategic objectives, allowing organizations to create dynamic plans that adapt to change and accelerate on-strategy delivery.

Moreover, it helps PMOs optimize project portfolios, prioritize work, and focus resources on projects that drive value to the business. Planview also empowers organizations to embrace Agile methodologies, connecting strategic plans and funding to Agile delivery and scaling Agile on their terms.

In addition, it enables R&D leaders to prioritize high-value products, optimize resource capacity, and achieve target revenue and profitability. Lastly, it connects project, resource, and financial management capabilities, providing visibility across the entire opportunity-to-revenue lifecycle.

Planview Features and Integrations

Planview IdeaPlace comes equipped with a wide range of features designed to streamline innovation and ideation:

Planview provides a comprehensive solution for organizations to overcome innovation and ideation challenges. Connecting ideation to strategy and offering a suite of powerful features empowers businesses to stay competitive and drive innovation forward.

Harness the crowd’s wisdom and turn great ideas into impactful outcomes with Planview. Explore its capabilities and watch the demo to see how it can revolutionize your innovation management processes.

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